I know I can be a bother
I know I can be annnoying

But somehow you put up with me
I guess you're just real patient

You're always laughing at me
But say you're laughing with me

That's pretty cool though
Because I love to laugh

I think you know that, though
It's pretty cool having a friend like you

It's even cooler, though
To know that you're always there

You're putting up with a lot
Because I know I'm quite a handful

I can be too much for a lot
And I know you sometimes have your doubts

Do you really want to be my friend?
Is all this stress really worth it?

Yeah, I know I stress you out
But I hope you can deal with that

Because I can't imagine
Not having a friend like you

You're too special to let go
So I hope you'll put up with me for now

And maybe someday you'll forget me
But for now, our friendship is perfect

A/N: This poem is for Tim, he knows that though!