Author's note: while most terms contained within this glossary already are explained in the course of the story, I just made this for easy reader reference, and it will grow quite a bit over time. Feel free to point out any terms which I miss and hope you find it useful!

Glossary Of Arkonese terms

Alleria-Also known as "The Old World". This titanic landmass actually consists of two sub-continents, Alleria proper, and the southern half, known as Karnos. Until about after eighteen thousand Rounds after The Blighting, Alleria was thought to be the only land in Arkon, until Jazul was discovered.

Arcane Crystal-a jewel containing tremendous latent magical power. Much sought after by magicians and their ilk.

Arkon-the world in which this story takes place.

Ar'zsha-also known as the Dragonmother, the now-sleeping demigod, according to legend the mother of all Dragonkin

Brightsilver-An extremely rare and powerful metal, which is not mined but transmuted from baser metals via the power of the gods.

Blighting, the-A period in Arkonese history, often regarded as a turning point in the battle between Good and Evil.

Caine-God of valour, also known as The Demonslayer.

Capturing Orb-a magical device used to capture images, be they still or moving. Think camcorder.

Change-A term used by Arkonese werewolves to denote the action of shape-shifting.

Common-the language used by the races of Arkon to communicate with each other.

Dance of Life, the-a Dragonkin mating ritual (or more accurately, instinct).

Dragonkin-A race of reptilian humanoids descended from the Great Dragons. Is split into 6 sub-races, Brown, Red, Blue, Green, Gold and Black. Each sub-race has distinctive traits and alignments, as well as goals. They have scales, tails, dragon-like facial features, and soft-skinned underbellies. Otherwise, they are interestingly similar to the other races of Arkon. For example, the females have fully functional breasts, and undergo a pregnancy period, although the end result of that is still an egg which needs a little more time to hatch. The evolutionary reasons for such oddities are unclear. Some of the more mature ones have functional wings, although this is rare. Tend to be proficient in the use of magic. By custom, all Dragonkin have an apostrophe after the first or second letter of their name, although the former is much more common.

Duffikus-the great Archdemon, devourer of souls. Commanded the demonic troops during The Blighting, created the race of werewolves through his curse.

Ether-the source of all magical power on Arkon. Where exactly it springs forth from is currently unknown, but almost all know the legend of Sr'eth and how she set free the flow after it was stopped by the gods in an attempt to flush out the Elemental Lords out of hiding. Mages have no innate power, they merely channel the Ether to their purposes using a focus, usually themselves.

Elemental Lord-what you might term as a being comprised of the elements. While they are happy and satisfied in their respective elements, when they leave they have to find a source of magic to power themselves.

Elemental Fire-a seemingly useless trinket, usually the size of a candle flame. Size and brightness depends on the Firelord which created it.

Enforcer-somply put, a guard of the Arcane Academy.

Firelord-an Elemental Lord of fire.

Firekelp-a small, brownish aquatic plant, prized for its fiery oils.

Forcestone-a magical stone which, well, exerts a force of a set magnitude on whatever it is commanded to. It runs down with constant use, though, and needs to be recharged periodically, preferably with an Arcane Crystal (see above).

Fra'ren-Small, worm-like, sock-consuming communal insectoids.

Fyraxus-Leader of the Elemental Lords of fire.

Grad-a general customary method of showing respect in Dragonkin custom.

Gillfin-a race of froglike, amphibian humanoids created by Hydros.

Great Fallbloom-a flower used as a spice in dishes.

H'ran-A small annual river grain, grown in waterlogged areas where other crops cannot thrive.

I'karz-an ancient Dragonkin language, used whenever Dragonkin wish to communicate amongst themselves without other races eavesdropping.

Jazul-also known as "The New World", a new, recently discovered continent. Pioneers have only managed to explore a small fraction of this mysterious land, and the true extent of the size of this continent is unknown, although scholars at the Arcane Academy suspect that it is at least half the size of Alleria.

K'thus-also known as the Dragonlord, and like his mate, now sleeping. Supposedly the father of the Dragonkin race.

Lorekeeper-a post within the Green and Gold Dragonkin, responsible for the collection, updating and preservation of knowledge, efficiently and accurately.

Mother Isabelli-goddess of life, verdance, and all which grows in the soil.

Mithril-a rare, greenish-white magical metal, strong and light.

Noble Avengers-an order consisting of mostly humans, though a smattering of other races may be found in its ranks. Originally founded by the priests of Caine after The Blighting in order to track down and destroy the remnants of Duffikus' demonic troops, as well as to keep the population of Arkon safe from said troops. Over the Rounds, it has been accused of deviating from its original purpose to become a power-grabbing organization using the "protecting the weak" motive as a ruse to act with impunity. No one has been able to prove that with concrete evidence, though. Currently Headed by Grand Crusader Morkiel.

Round-an Arkonese year consisting of 350 days.

Sapphire Hegemony, the-a coalition of kingdoms located on the northern continents of Alleria, consisting of 7 kingdoms. Formed about fourteen thousand Rounds since The Blighting, the nation of Ghaz'kull is the de facto leader of this coalition, which seeks to increase trade, ensure security, etc, blah blah, you get the drift.

Sunjoy-a small shrub cultivated for its sweet purple berries which grow in clusters. True to its name, it grows best in well-lit orchards, in warm climates.

Sunjoy Sherry-an alcoholic beverage made from the juice of Sunjoy berries.

Very Bad Word, the-a werewolf vulgarity.

Void, the-an emptiness between the planes of existence where souls of the deceased linger before they ascend of are cast into the depths.

Wis-God of Knowledge, patron of the Green Dragonkin.

Zarg: A Dragonkin insult. Something along the lines of "stupid one!", often used to refer to one who's lost his/her mind.