Driving down a dark street,

With a tank half past "E".

Once again you'll come to meet

A mind that can't be free.

What drug you used in your kiss

To change the way I thought.

Never should I come to miss

Those moments that we bought.

Relentless is your memory,

And how it haunts my heart.

With you gone for so long

I despise this time spent apart.

So here I am brought

To a place so far away,

A place I'd taught

Myself not to stay.

I wander through the lonely trees,

Cursed much like I.

Their only contact through a breeze.

Grow too close and die.

It's twisted in a way,

How long we will wait.

All this time we stay

Anticipating the bait.

Your unseen lie hides in my mind

Waiting to reveal

The horrible secretes that you will find,

So profound they seam unreal.

And I let my eyes stare ignorant,

The way I taught myself.

Hide you from my self torment.

A taste lets ignore wealth.

The way two magnets are

It sickens me to no end,

Drawn together from afar,

It reminds me of a certain friend.