I don't mind desire
As long as it's convenient
This makes me shake
And sweat
Someone has to groan
So we know where you are,
Because the explosions
Only light this place

Take me with you
To your bedroom
And we'll stretch-shiver-quiver-kiss
Until the falling bombs
Force us to take cover
I'll tend your wounds

And blissfully inhale
Our scents
That mingle like cordite
And blood.

It is traumatic
To see you lying there,
Pale and lifeless
Amidst the shrapnel
(Breathlessly, you said
In ten minutes time we would go again)

Hell and high water
Won't save us
In this catastrophic embrace:
They're breaking through
And the line gives way
Amidst such groaning and flailing
Like a battleground

Smears of lipstick
And the black dirt from the rubble
(Your smudged mascara)
Your moans of pleasure
(Some death rattle)
And our embrace.