(most people say that i shouldn't write in this style what do you think because i want to know if i'm good at it or not)

Does anyone notice me?

Does anyone see me at all?

Does anyone notice my tears?

Does anyone see me?

I feel invisible to everyone

Even to myself

I don't notice me

Behind the crowds I'm not a person

I am a wondering dream

Head downcast and tears slowly running down

I do not notice

I wait and see

If anyone notices me

I walk slowly, my eyes don't look up

My pale hands clutched around my books

Wondering if anyone notices

As I slowly walk along the halls

As I pace my time exactly

So I show up late for class again

Does anyone notice as I walk into the classroom?

Looking as white as a ghost

Does anyone notice my crimson blood just like a rose?

Falling from my lips

Does anyone notice the crystal tears?

That falls onto the ground

I don't notice it anymore

I don't notice it at all

I just walk on past myself and smile

One day,

I say

Just one day

There will be no more heartbreak for myself

Maybe that day will be

Sooner than we expected

Maybe, just maybe it will be