Arresting the Devil

5/17/2005 7:54:39 PM

6/11/2005 10:57 AM

Blue and red flashing lights come on as a fire engine red '69 Chevelle with black racing stripes speeds down the highway with a tag plastered to the back window that says "Come and Get It". After about a half hour of following the car down the deserted highway, the Cop finally pulls the Speed Demon over.

The Driver from Hell sits smugly in the car and watches Officer 69 get out of her patrol car. The low cut, leather shirt clung tightly to the Officer's perfect chest and her tight, cut-off shorts were showing off her marvelous curves, the brim of her hat shading the dark sunglasses that reflected the lust from the Horny Hades' eyes.

As she walked to the dark tinted window, every move was slow and sensuous. "Do you know exactly how fast you were going back there?"

"Oh 120, 130 easily….is there a problem, Officer?"

"I'm going to have to ask you to step out of the car."

The Driver got out of the car. High black boots stepped out of the Devil's car followed by a full, sumptuous body, a body that could only belong to a Tempting Vixen. Her red satin cape flowed behind her as the Officer shut the door.

"That was one hell of a chase back there."

"Amazing what a half hour high speed pursuit at 140 mph can do to raise your sex drive through the roof. No to mention give you an adrenalin rush you wouldn't believe."

"Put your hands on the hood of the car. You have the right to remain silent…a right that I don't think you'll be able to keep."

The Officer of Love's talented hands searched every inch of The Queen of Hell's longing body, lingering over her hardened nipples and down, down to the very wet area between her shaking thighs. Just when she couldn't take it anymore…the Officer stopped.

Lady Diablo let out a small moan of frustration but gasped as the Officer slid cold steel handcuffs around her wrist. She led the Demon to the side of her patrol car and locked the other end of the handcuffs to her mirror.

Her lips fiercely took the Handcuffed Hellion's. Tongue against tongue. Hip against hip. Even their lips began to bleed with the intensity of the kiss. The Devil soon found herself on the hood of the patrol car.

Before she could register what was happening, the Officer slid another pair of handcuffs around the opposite wrist and cuffed it, too, to the other side mirror, leaving the Vixen sprawled out on the hood of the car with her arms cuffed very far apart.

Sweet Persephone was rendered powerless as the Officer crawled on top of her. Again their lips met but more briefly this time as the Officer had other plans. The Officer trailed her kisses down Satan's neck, lingering there for a moment and dipping her tongue into the dip just below her throat. The Devil was in no position to argue so she just lay there and enjoyed it just as a small moan escaped her lips.

This Feisty Devil had now become a Slave of Passion as the Officer slid her mouth lower. The Officer ripped off the Helpless Harpy's dress, leaving only a cape and black boots to mask her body in this pleasurable form. The Officer's mouth had now begun to work over a hardened nipple, biting it and tugging it playfully. After each bite she would slowly lick over the nipple then bite it again, creating an achingly slow pace.

As the Officer was in the process of producing a hickie, she slid a finger into the Moaning Mistress's wet body. Her body quickly allowed the first finger so the Officer added a second. She went hard and fast at first then began to pull her finger out and just barely press inside the Feeble Fiend's body, teasing her until she couldn't take it anymore and a little longer. The officer finally gave in and added a third finger to her longing body, pushing it in deep, very deep. Without warning she quickened her pace, so swiftly that the Worn-out Woman began to whimper in pleasure. Soon after, the Helpless Hellcat came into the Officer's talented hands.

Just when the Delicious Devil began to lean up to be unhandcuffed, the Officer pushed her back flat on her back. She didn't have time to think before the Officer began to work her way down the Valo's body. She spread her legs far apart and teasingly licked up her inner thigh. The Beautiful Bitch bucked her hips upwards, not being able to stand any more torture.

The Officer smirked and gladly obliged. She delved her tongue deep into the Sizzling Suspect; moving it in and out. In and out. Harder. Faster. Deeper. The Sexy Siren was at the complete mercy of the Officer, not that she minded much. One more thrust of the Officer's tongue and the Panting Pandora hit her second climax.

After cleaning up her Licentious Lover, the Officer trailed her kisses up to the Devil's lips and kissed her very softly and sweetly before un handcuffing her.

They resistantly got up from the patrol car and got into the Chevelle and drove home, the Officer falling asleep in her Sinful Soul mate's lap, dreaming of things on her list to do tomorrow.