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Sailing on Love

Chapter Five : To Ditch Or Not To Ditch?

Troy's Point of View

To ditch him or not ditch him? That was the question. On the one hand, he had fed me. But I had saved him from the other boy. Still…It would be so easy to lose him in the warrens and alleys. I knew this city like the back of my hand. The taverns and inns, police stations and shops. I knew where the patrols would be and when. I knew each gang territory and how many members they had at any one time. I knew most of the people under the age of eighteen in this vast and dreary city. They might not know me, but I knew every one of them. Except these blasted sailors' kids that keep appearing. They're a nuisance too, with no knowledge of how to survive on their own in this city. More often than not, these were the kids that I took care of. They aren't as bad as I make them seem, though. Usually they were just kids who'd been shipped away from home and couldn't stand the sea any longer. Or some were running from their home lives. Very rarely do I find a truly spoiled brat. And, selfish as this may sound, I usually help them less. Call me prejudiced but it was engrained too deeply in me. I couldn't ever really feel sorry for someone who'd always had everything. It just wasn't in me.

I looked over my shoulder at Chase. He stood staring at the ground, his hands shoved in his pockets. As if he sensed my gaze, he looked up, smiling slightly. I can't just leave him alone in this city. He's too trusting. For all he knows I could be a wanted murderer. And instead of worrying about that, he's buying me food. I guess I won't be ditching him. I returned his smile with a half-smile of my own. I was probably being too trusting as well. Even after all that's happened, I'll still befriend any bloke who feeds me.

They always said it would be our downfall. And they were right. Where had it gotten us? Nowhere, that's where. And it hadn't even gotten us there together. He was goodness knows where while I was in this dreary, gray country. It wouldn't be so bad if I only knew where he was. I feel like I've lost half of me, like part of me is dead or something.

I can still picture him exactly as he had been. Boisterous and rowdy, a mischievous grin usually spread across his face, accompanied by that tell-tale twinkle in his cobalt blue eyes. He'd already perfected the laugh, throwing his head back and guffawing without inhibitions. The tutors would get so mad at him when he got distracted or wouldn't pay attention, but he just couldn't sit still for that long. Even for important events and dinners, he couldn't sit quietly and be reserved. He was almost always the center of attention and that's how he wanted it. We balanced each other out; I was the yin to his yang, quiet to his loud, calm to his excitement. And without him, I feel like I'm in limbo and everything's topsy turvy.

Chase's point of view

Troy stood starting at the wall, his eyes unfocused. I wasn't sure what he was thinking about but he had a wistful look in his eyes. For some reason, I found myself pulled to this kid. I've only been off the boat a few days and I'm already picking up strays. One of these days, it'll backfire on me, all this business about picking up any old body that comes along. He just seemed so genuinely innocent, sleeping away, shivering in that little cardboard box. I couldn't possibly just leave him there. He's all skin and bones. He needs food and he's obviously not getting enough for himself. I should just leave him alone. For all I know he could be a wanted murderer just waiting to slit my throat. And yet, he doesn't seem the type. If he were, he wouldn't have saved me. Unless he wants my money for himself. Great now I'm second guessing myself. "Are you a wanted murderer?" I blurted out.

Troy's point of view

"Are you a wanted murderer?" I snapped out of my reverie. If I'm not mistaken, either Chase can read minds or we're more alike than I thought since we're thinking the same things.

I looked at him intensely. "Do you read minds?"

He seemed taken aback and game me a strange look. "I don't think so…So are you?" It took me a second to remember the question, then I quickly shook my head. He heaved a sigh of relief, once again showing how trusting he is. How many wanted murderers would own up to being a wanted murderer? Not a whole lot, I'd wager.

Chase's point of view

I heaved a sigh of relief. Stupid as this may sound, I believed him. I don't know why. It's not as if I had any reason to believe him. But then again, I had no reason not to believe him. Innocent until proven guilty, I guess. I suppose I probably would believe him no matter what he says. He could tell me the world is ending and I'd simply ask when. Despite the fact that he was clothed in rags, I still couldn't see him as a common street thief. There was something about him. It was in the way he walked and faded back into the shadows. He moved on silent cat-like feet. And despite all that, I still didn't think he was a criminal. Call me naïve. The title just didn't seem to fit him. How I can tell what fits after knowing him for only a couple of hours, goodness only knows. I've learned that going with your gut usually turns out all right. Except when cannibals are involved. Then you should never trust anything and just run. I should probably clear the water of that too. "You're not a cannibal are you?"

Troy's point of view

"You're not a cannibal are you?" I stared at him in amazement. Where does he come up with these questions? I shook my head slowly, still not quite believing he'd asked that. It's not something people normally think about. Maybe it's a sailor thing.

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