Author Notes: I know this must seem weird, but I was really bored. That's all I can say about it. I've had story ideas, but they didn't work. So, I felt like doing a random meeting between Anaka and Jyko to get back into the spirit of things. Also, I think I fixed the mistakes... Er. Point out any I didn't catch, pwease?

A Pelusian Diary

Bruise-colored smoke swirled up from the center of the room filing out from a small and hallow, semi-transparent black orb. Around the orb were spinning two silver rings, a miniature mockery of Saturn and Uranus'own rings. Anaka was sitting Indian style before it. Her white, silky skin was spiraling about in the smoke as she sat patiently, waiting for her General Jyko to arrive.

It hadn't been long before he'd opened the door, eyeing the smoke and then Anaka herself. His lizard-like yellow eyes scouted up and down her body, tracing ever delicious curve he saw. Wrapped around those curves was a loose black gown that folded delicately along her smooth and paled legs. He moved to sit down behind her, his hands curling around her small waist as he did such.

Anaka leaned back against him, almost seeming to purr as she lifting her head to nuzzle his neck, letting her silk-like skin slowly navigating back and forth. Jyko closed his eyes, smiling at the feeling of her touch and then bringing a hand up to cradle her chin as he began to whisper softly to her. "Ahh, my darling queen… Why is it you have called for me? Was it for my company alone, as the messenger informed me that you had a question?"

She seemed to purr again, placing both her hands upon the one of his that was upon her chin. She began to shift, nuzzling the hand as she spoke through half-closed eyes. "Aye, my general, there is another reason I have called you here. I am sure you did not miss the small black orb that smokes before you now, and I was curious as to what it is?"

The general moved his thumb to brush against her as she nestled against him. A tiny mischievous smile curling across his face. "Ahh. That thing? It is called a Memory Orb. You can fill it with video of anything, and most use them to record intimate thoughts. I'm still curious as to why anyone would dare to make a record of such things, but it is a very common practice as I hear, my darling. Would you like for me to show you how to record something?"

At the question, the Queen's ice blue eyes flipped open, a wide smile across her face. "Oh, but my sweet Jyko, I have nothing for it to record that would be suited to say in your presence." His eyes as well opened as he sudden (and without releasing it) jerked her face within an inch of his own. She gave a faint gasp as his fingers laced tightly around her throat, and though she did not need to breath anyways, to be pained by Jyko generally meant she'd done something wrong in her mind. "Jyko!" was all that she managed to squeak out, currently unable to speak further.

The shout snapped him back into reality and he released his grasp, giving a small frown. "My apologizes, my darling, I think I misunderstood. Were you implying that you had secrets of which you feel need be kept from me, when you and I agreed that nothing was secret between us?" She gave a small chuckle at his comment, smiling and moving to kiss him very softly before whispering into his lips.

"No, my general, that was not it. It was merely meaning that intimate thoughts are for the person who has them alone. Though I don't think they're much of a secret, as I often assume you feel the same way for me as I do for you. You keep me from going completely mad sometimes. You keep me in check. You're the other half to me that I need to keep from killing those in my presence for more than a few moments. I need you, and I think you need me too."

His lips curled into a wide smile as he looked at her, shaking his head. "You need me; I need you? What's with that nonsense all of a sudden? I'm fine without you. I have been for more years than you could even begin to imagine. I don't need you. That's not to say that I don't want you. You can be such a silly person sometimes, my darling queen." He kissed her forehead, standing up. "Oh, and since you didn't tell me whether you wanted to know how to record or not: You arrange the two rings so that one is vertically around it and another is horizontal. They're catch and stay that way until you personally release them." With that he bowed, leaving the room as suddenly as he had come.

Anaka stared at the orb, giving a small sigh and picking it up. She took a moment to actually catch the two spinning rings and figure out exactly how to interlock them. As soon as it worked, the smoke swirled even thicker around the room, catching her up within a cloud of blue and black. "Bruised smoke and bruised feelings," she gently spoke to the orb. Even still, she knew Jyko's wonderful hearing would catch her words that flew upon the clouds to wherever he was.

"Well now, little thing. You're rather odd in behavior, aren't you? Pah. I speak as if I were expecting you to respond to me." A single crimson tear fell down her pale cheeks as she stared intently at the orb. "Oh well. No one really responds to me anyways with anything but hate and fear. Perhaps it is best that you can feel nothing and say nothing of me. I shall speak of myself to you. Speak of Jyko to you. You won't spite me like he does. You won't hate me like my people do. In fact, I think… I have found my first friend."

With her words echoing around her on the bruised clouds, she began to mutter every little detail that had surpassed during her short lifetime to the small orb.


Jyko was sitting outside the door, never having truly left. He was staring up at the stone gems embedded within the stone door, letting his hand trace over them one by one as he listened to Anaka. Something deep within him caused her sad speech to dishearten him, but his nature wouldn't let him walk back in. This was the first time he'd really listened to her, and the first time he didn't spite her. He felt bad. Jyko, Destroyer of Races, felt bad.


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