Darkness hung like an impenetrable shroud on the grounds of the Nelson Pharmaceuticals lab. A darkness so complete and total there was something unnatural about it. Someone observing it will naturally experience a tickle on the back of their neck, a premonition that something is not right, or out of place. A feeling that something bad is about to happen.

The group of men who moved like shadows across the unnaturally dark grounds paid no heed to the premonition that something bad was going to happen. They moved with the liquid grace only achieved through rigorous training. Each footfall was precisely executed, not a sound betrayed their presence, not a ruffled bush, or swish of disturbed grass. No clinking metal or flicker of reflected light, nothing.

The group of twenty men moved as if they possessed one mind. Each man looked upon the ground in front of him and came to the same conclusions as the next, coupled with their precise movements, every man stepped in exactly the same place as the man in front of him, paused at the same time for the same reason, and when it came time, knew exactly where he was going when they reached their destination.

That destination was the hill at the back of the lab complex. Upon reaching the base of the hill, the men split up into two separate groups, one going to the east side of the hill, the other the west. Once at the crest of the hill, a man in each group laid down in the classic prone position on a soft foam mat.

Both men flipped open the lens caps covering the night scopes on their silenced sniper rifles. The semiautomatic weapons could take off your hat, and you would swear a sudden breeze came, but wondering why you didn't hear the wind.

At this moment in time, the thermal enhanced scopes are pointed at the base of the skull of one of three security guards, thinking they are safe in their towers. The towers stand in the corners on the north side of the rectangular fence that encloses the lab complex.

It may seem strange that a simple pharmaceutical company would have so much security, an outer electrified fence, a twenty foot high inner fence, three guards in every tower, men with dogs patrolling between the two fences, motion sensors, pressure sensitive sensors, body heat sensors, and enough guards to occupy a small country. All the protection is most likely why twenty military grade men are storming the complex.

Without any communication between the two snipers, they both fired at exactly the same instant. Both shots sliced through the air silently, smashing the Plexiglas shield protecting the guards from the weather. The trajectory of both bullets was altered by the shield. The east tower's shield threw the bullet down and to the left, so it caught the guard in the chest at an angel, instead of the back of the head behind the ear. The west tower's shield threw it's bullet down only slightly, so it caught the guard in the throat instead of between the eyes.

Both men were killed instantly , so it didn't matter that the bullets' trajectories were altered. The two snipers swiveled their aims, and fired again, less than a second after their initial shot, and only tenths of a second apart from each other. This time with the Plexiglas shield shattered, there was nothing to obstruct the path of the bullet. Both guards went down with a bullet between the eyes.

Again the snipers swiveled and fired, less than a second after their second shot, and mere tenths of a second apart from each other. By this time, the last living guards were just realizing what was happening. The time it took the light bouncing off the bodies of their falling comrades, and the splattering of blood, to be converted by their eyes into an image their brain can understand, then the time it took for their brains to come to a conclusion about that image was too slow to save them. The men killed second weren't even aware they were under attack, and the last two realized it, but the time it took their brains to send a message to their limbs, telling them to duck, was too slow, and they died for it.

Again without any communication between the two groups, or the snipers and the other commandos, the eighteen men not behind a sniper rifle began to run down the hill just as silently as they arrived. Some of the guards with the dogs had heard the Plexiglas shields shatter, others did not. The snipers were now moving their aim to target the dog guards farthest away, they would leave the closest ones to the commandos.

A slight rattling sound split the otherwise silence of the night as the commandos fired their suppressed submachine guns, the rattling coming from the click of the bolt as they squeezed off three round bursts. They killed the dogs first, so the dying men wouldn't drop the leashes. The outline of a running dog is much harder to pick out among the shadows cast by the big florescent lights than that of a running man.

In a hail of silent bullets, the patrolling men and dogs were slain just as efficiently as the guards in the towers. Even while charging silently down a hill, the commandos still killed the guards and dogs with three holopoint bullets to the head.

The two teams made it to the outer electrified fence, and one man in each team bent down, opening a small tool kit. They worked quickly and soon they had a section of the fence free of its' deadly voltage. The power for the fence was channeled through the top rail, and connected to the vertical support poles, which then supplied the power to the links. The men simply attached a wire from one vertical pole to the next, thus creating a bypass. Electricity is a simple thing, it likes to go across the path that is easiest for it. The expensive high quality wire supplied by the two men offers much less resistance than the thick steel fence. Therefore the killing power is sent harmlessly through the insolated wire instead of the fence.

The two men simply nodded to let the others know they did their job, and two men from each team began to cut through the links of the fence. Their strong hands and sharp bolt cutters making short work of the fence.

After tossing the discarded piece of fencing away, the commandos moved into the dog walk between the two fences. Knowing that the second fence is not electrocuted, the same two men from each team began to cut a hole in the second fence. As before, they made short work of the metal links, and the commandos progressed across the open space between the fences and the building, all but four of them, two from each team to be exact. Those four set off in opposite direction, still in the dog walk, moving off to take out the guards in the other two towers that the snipers couldn't hit because the building blocked their line of sight.

The fourteen remaining commandos ate up the distance between the fence and back door to the building in seconds. The two teams coming together for the first time since splitting up at the hill, seeing as there is only one back door to the building.

In the movies when someone is presented with a door locked by a keypad or cardswiper, they usually smash the keypad, and magically the door open. The reality of the matter is that the door will not unlock, it will stay locked, and now you can't even enter the code.

Devices that you put over the locking mechanism and it magically spits out the code don't work either, because the time it would take to try every single possibility on a ten digit number pad isn't measured in hours, it's measured in days, even moving as fast as computers do.

These commandos have something far better for opening a locked door. The code. One man stepped forward, while the others covered the door, the rear, and the rest of the compound. He punched six numbers into the code pad, and a green light replaced the red one next to the numbers.

Pulling the door open, the man on the other side leaned in and cleared the hallway. It was empty, so the commandos began to slink down the hallway, their boots making no noise on the polished tile floor. They paused only to spray paint black over the camera lens as they passed. Then they progressed strait to the pair of elevators. Tactically they should have used the stairs, however as a security feature of the building, the lower levels are only accessible through the elevator. The reasoning is that in an attack, any attackers will be in a natural bottleneck situation, and the security personnel can gun them down. That was the reason for utmost stealth on the commandos entry. The security guards at the bottom will be confused why the elevator is descending, but will not fire immediately. That will give the commandos enough time to clear the room.

They called the pair of elevators, and as the doors slid open, each team crowded all seven members into separate elevators. They then descended to a level of the Nelson Pharmaceutical complex that supposedly does not exist.