Cherry Blossoms and Cotton Candy

I love being here, surrounded by your love
I feel so comforted in the crook of your arm

I love watching the cherry blossoms in the wind
And I love the taste of my pink cotton candy

Thank-you, you are my favorite friend
You are my favorite everything

You bought me this cotton candy
You brought this sweetness to my mouth

And the love to my heart

You brought me to this beautiful sight
You helped me see all the beauty of this world

I know you feel the cherry blossoms in your hair
I know you feel me laying against your chest

I know you love me as much as I love you
I know we'll always be together

I know we belong together forever
I know nothing will tear us apart

I think you know too

We're meant to be together
We're destined till death do us part

You and me
Me and You

Things are so perfect now
They will always be perfect with you

Things can't get better than this
And I know things will never be bad again

You'll protect me through everything
And I'll protect you through it all

We'll be there for each other
Forever and always

Even when Death parts us

A/N: Tim, before you ask me, this is not for/about someone in particular. It's just a poem I wrote. So don't even ask!