Title: Tainted Innocence

Authors: DragonSapphire and Caladria

Rating: R

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their respective creators. Do not use them without the authors' permission. All rights reserved.

Summary: A wicked sorceress orders Simian, her hybrid servant, to kidnap the much desired usagi youkai (demon rabbit) Haru, or else risk losing important body parts, and his sanity. However, after doing Unspeakable things to the innocent Haru, Simian begins falling for the sweet bunny and soon finds himself going against his mistress and others endangering Haru at the cost of his own life and limbs.

Warnings: Violence, Alternate Universe (AU), sex, and slash. If you are underage, are uncomfortable with any of these subjects, or just not a fan of male/male relationships, please do not continue.


A/N: IMPORTANT (12/6/07): I will be giving Tainted Innocence a very much needed overhaul with minor changes and editing, plus a newly refurbished prologue! I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion, and I'll try to have it updated soon. Thank you for reading!

Links to both my and Caladria's artwork of these two and other characters are in my bio page, so glance through those if you have time!

Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoy!


Tainted Innocence: Prologue

Haru was running through a sunny field overshadowed by a large, daunting castle, overseen by an even more daunting sorceress, but living within Sapphire's domain was much more preferable to the alternative.

After a couple months of hard recovery from being mauled close to death by scary predators the violet-eyed usagi youkai was feeling very spry considering the horrors he'd been through. Haru rubbed a relatively fresh crescent-shaped scar on his shoulder when he paused, panting for just a moment.

His pure white hair and ears were decorated with leaves and flowers as he exerted himself in the warm sunlight and sweet-smelling grasses with his chosen companion, who was much more subdued. Simian was a skittish, quiet creature with lovely brown skin and reddish tiger stripes covering his lean body, topped off with soft deer ears and a fluffy tail. He followed Haru like a pink-haired shadow.

Haru "tagged" his deer/tiger playmate, who looked at him startled, and then in exasperation when Haru went bounding off in his cute, plump bunny form, inviting chase. It was a fun game for Haru because usually no one could catch up to him.

Simian knew he'd lose any argument against wanting to play, but under the threat of dismemberment he could not let Haru leave his sight. He gave in and chased the usagi for a bit, keeping reign on his predator's instincts, but rapidly became more and more frustrated as his quarry bounded this way and that, always managing to stay just out of reach.

Haru was quick, and he was super agile.

The deer/tiger's vibrant green eyes narrowed, and then flashed a dangerous gold in frustration as Haru yet again slipped deftly through his claws. Unbeknownst to poor Haru, Simian began to growl a little and truly the Hunt began.

He switched tactics; instead of just trying to chase Haru, Simian let him run off. Over the next half hour he slowly, methodically sniffed down his prey, hackles raised, stalking the cute bunny like a beast in the wild. His careful planning rewarded him with success. There, in a grassy place behind a stand of trees, the little bunny-boy sighed and nibbled on some clover, completely unaware of the danger.

Soft, white, plump prey...

Simian tamped down, and his fluffy deer tail twitched and grew into a long tiger tail for just a moment, his pupils dilating as he focused in on his target. Instinct took over and he pounced with a fearsome growl, startling the life out of Haru-chan.

Haru only had time to look up with wide purple eyes and squeak, turning to run, when he felt teeth swiftly clamp down on his furry throat. S-scary! It suddenly didn't feel like a game anymore.

Haru went limp, afraid that the teeth would tighten further and really put his life in danger.

As for Simian that furry throat was the taste of victory, and connected to the source that had caused him quite a bit of aggravation. He was a little shaky from the adrenaline, but elated that he had caught the Prey That Could Not Be Caught.

And then, very unexpectedly, Simian found himself straddling Haru's non-furry body, his teeth carefully constricting a non-furry neck...

Haru made a little whimpering sound as he trembled. "S-Sim-chan?" he whispered, his breath a soft, tentative warble.

O-oh… he went too far with his teasing, Haru thought desperately. And, what was worse, Simian could barely remember when he had stopped thinking rationally.

Slowly, thankfully, the red haze began to melt away, reality returning with the aid of two gloved hands which were very, very gently petting Simian's velvety deer ears...

Simian gasped around his mouthful as his senses gradually returned to him. The poor bunny! As if he hadn't already put him through enough trauma. But instead of being afraid of him, like a smarter creature would, Haru frequently sought him out, begging to play with him... and Simian really truly wanted to make his mistake up to Haru... The Mistake that made bile rise up in his throat when even the briefest flicker of thought about it passed behind his color-changing eyes.

He really, really didn't want to hurt Haru anymore, but now look what he had done. His actions were beyond forgivable.

Carefully his jaws relaxed and he felt the soft skin slip between his teeth... along with a small taste of blood.


Simian's startled gold eyes dropped into a sorrowful shade of blue as liquid regret began to fill them at the discovery. Still, Simian licked gently at the wound - something he would have done to a hurt of his own - almost as a small, meek apology for the harm.

Haru was so very warm; his heart was pounding in that frail neck as his companion's tongue glided over the wound once, twice, three times.

Haru shivered and gave a tiny, content sigh.

Simian started to pull away when the last trace of blood was gone from that moon-pale skin, but realized he had no idea what he would say to excuse himself this time. While he frantically tried to think, he paused his retreat at one of Haru's fluffy white ears and began to groom that part of him as well, more a nervous habit than anything. Haru always tasted like honeysuckles in late spring, he mused, becoming drunk on his scent.

The small figure beneath him made a low noise that sounded a little more like a moan than a sigh this time.

"Sim-chan," Haru's voice was so quiet. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Next time, I'll let you catch me quick," he was saying, a hitch in his throat. There were tears also in his eyes, so Simian leaned down to lick at those, too.

"Don't cry, Haru," Simian murmured softly, his throat feeling painful and constricted. Watching Haru cry was like watching the light go out of the world.

The hybrid pressed his forehead to Haru's as the gloved hands at his ears pressed against his cheeks...those pristine, delicate gloves. "I hurt you...again. I...I can't stop being...terrible." Simian sighed despairingly, the slightest breath caressing over Haru's lips, and then across the pink scar on Haru's shoulder that the bunny had received from Simian's own traitorous maw.

That body was so warm underneath him, and his captive wasn't trying to escape this time.

"You aren't terrible, Sim-chan," Haru told him, unusually serious. "I made a mistake. When you stopped chasing me, I got really really lonely. I thought you had gone because I made the game too hard. But you didn't go away. I was feeling more hurt when I thought I had made you mad at me...but see, you're here now, and I feel better. I really do. I do," he whispered so plaintively that Simian was afraid he was going to start weeping again. "I didn't make you mad enough to leave...so I'm happy..."

Haru's thinking was so...convoluted. His priorities were always just a little bit off, but there was no deceit in his voice.

Was he really happy that he had been snared by the throat and was being straddled by someone who had taken very awful advantage of him once already? Part of Simian's punishment for hurting Haru those unspeakable months ago was to provide consistent companionship for the needy usagi, and until now he'd been able to keep those awful urges in check...

Simian suddenly felt warm in places that were Bad. Places that were Very Dangerous for Haru right now. No matter how much Haru-chan appeared to be pleased at the situation, the deer/tiger was not. He wasn't going risk harming the gentle bunny again.

Simian tried to lean up.

Haru's hands went boldly behind his neck.

"Haru," he started, very patiently, "you have to let me go."

"No," came the willful reply, "I see it in your eyes. You are going to run away if I do and really leave me here! I don't want you to leave me here." Haru gave childlike tugs to Simian's neck in a reinforcement of his mission.

His captor was desperate, his heart was hurting, and he knew, KNEW things were going to get Bad if Haru kept this suicidal stubbornness up... and then he was going to have yet another sin on his head. "Haru," he tried again, desperation tinting his voice, "if I don't leave, I don't know...what I will do. Something...that might hurt you or make you feel really bad..."

Haru cut him off. "I ran all the way out here, but I'm scared! What if something comes along and wants to eat me or take me away? My legs are still too shaky to be fast enough! Please PLEASE stay with me, at least for a little? If someone takes me away, I might never get to play with Sim-chan again!"

Simian had to force his gaze away from those too-honest, too-beautiful eyes that could so easily entrap him and make him lose all resistance. He wanted to tell Haru that, really, he was probably the fastest thing on four feet even if he was shaky, and of course he was going to be able to outrun danger...

But then he really thought about what it might be like to not see those precious violet eyes searching him out in a thicket, Haru-chan's face breaking into a grin as he waved saying, "Sim-chan! I found you, I found you! Let's play a game today!" And even though that face and those words always made him want to hide, the thought of actually NOT seeing them again was...

Really Worse.

Damn him... Haru was doomed either way.

"If the Wolf youkai come back, they won't lick the hurts they make in me and say they are sorry," Haru whispered. "I like your hurts better..."

Simian's whole body was seized with an uncontrollable tremor, and the last of that fragile restraint crumbled away as he attacked Haru for the second time that day.

In seconds, his lips were on Haru's, his tongue demanding entrance. The sweet pink mouth he was plundering gave in without so much as a fight, and Simian found himself rapidly losing hold of reality as Haru moaned right into the warm cavern he was exploring with renewed intensity.

This was a sad little bunny that would sacrifice just about anything for companionship, and as eagerly as Haru was ready to sacrifice it, Simian knew he would snatch up this offering... and was going to hate himself afterwards.

But, gods, Haru's body was so light, so warm and pliable. He knew for a fact that Haru held him around his neck to keep him from leaving, even as Simian's hands fumbled into the folds of his top, caressing a nipple, even as his other hand slid down his side, up his thigh, and then snuck into the gap in his green and white shorts.

The reckless bunny refused to let go even when fingers and retracted claws caressed him a little too roughly, causing him to cry out... even when those fingers drew a slightly fearful gasp as they plunged into the space the predator would soon be occupying with his own need. The fingers were replaced by a blunt, wet heat at his opening, the force of Simian's throbbing length pushing and filling Haru, who gasped as agonizing pain blended with overwhelming sensation as his little body was pushed close to its limits.

When Simian was fully buried inside Haru's small, tender body, pushing his back across the ground with each solid thrust, he held those tiny gloved hands to the ground above his fluffy white head just so Haru could feel secure that his feral lover wouldn't suddenly leave him alone...

Haru's violet eyes watched him, and his moans sounded half in delight and half in misery. Consent, however tenuous, and true affection made this rough coupling much more endurable than it could have been, and at that moment Haru would have gladly received anything the distant hybrid bestowed upon him. And when Haru's tight little navel leapt off the ground, as the white usagi youkai arched his back to let out his cry of release as the other thrust into him one last time, Simian knew he would feel absolute perfection...

Absolute perfection giving way, slowly - as his body uncoiled from the most indescribable climax of his life - to absolute confusion...

Absolute despair.


As the sun set a few hours later, Simian looked down at the white head buried in the crook of his arm. Haru was sleeping peacefully, unaware of the shame-laced guilt clenching Simian's stomach and burning behind his eyes.

Was Haru content? Did he have a secret place inside his impossibly warm, all-encompassing heart that hated his life? And if he did, would Haru put the memory of this afternoon there? Simian felt like he was taking the real, solid bricks protecting that fragile heart and replacing them with insubstantial straw each time Haru let him in like this.

His thoughts were troubled, always troubled by the warm, soft usagi youkai. Simian regretfully kissed the top of Haru's head with salty lips and finally allowed himself to fall into oblivion.


'Usagi youkai' – "demon rabbit" (Japanese)

'-chan' - an informal Japanese suffix meaning familiarity or affection