I Was Just Going For A Walk

It was an early Sunday morning
And I decided to go for a walk
Despite Toby's warning

I hopped over the fence in glee
Looking only forward
Oblivious to my poor human's misery

You see, I just like going for walks
We cats don't do well without them
And I scurried around the almost empty sidewalks

I came back within twenty four hours
I don't know why you're so upset
I can't go around town in a few minutes, I don't have superpowers

You don't understand, do you?
I was just going for a walk
I didn't leave you anything new

But that gives you no excuse to yell at me like this
I'm a beautiful cat and I don't like this treatment
I was in a state of pure and utter bliss

Then you come back and yell at me as though I was missed
Look at me, I'm beautiful, forget all the trouble I'm in
Don't you look at me with that clenched fist!

I am outraged at your animal-like behavior
I demand you control your anger!
You act as though you're my savior

I knew where I was going, I needed no help
Stop yelling at me like that
I'm going to yelp

Ah, you see, I'm nice when you pet me
Just love me, brush me, worship me
And maybe, just maybe, I'll treat you the way you treat me!

A/N: I know it wasn't all too impressive but I'm not very good at pet poems. This is based off a true story when my cat Ariel walked off for about fifteen hours then just strolled back in the house all oblivious to the fact that we'd just spent the past fifteen hours having heart attacks. Toby is our other cat.