started early

strawberry-scented bubble bath
she'd shared the tub with him every day
since she was born
sharing toys & joys
& 'seekrid plehns'
trading classified information

of doing trigonometry together
in the backyard
on the swing
with two tall glasses of milk & a plate of cookies

close they were,
& closer

growing up on the same apple tree
getting laid at the same party
holding hands before preschool
having cried at the same funerals

& after one night that was heavy & wild
she bore him a retarded child
oh, why him & why no other?
girl, it's a sin to f!ck your brother

-hecate. 24/7/2005

a/n: it's an old one i don't really like, but i thought the idea was interesting. & i know it doesn't really classify as love, but if you hadn't read the last stanza it could have passed, non? (: