The Ghost of Little Erika

If you ever wake in the dead of night

And darkness creeps around you

Don't hide beneath the blanket in fright

Look upon the ghost before you

She's only there to want you

She wants to get you out

In this room her father; would beat her black and blue

She had lost her voice, so she couldn't even shout

She used to live so merrily

She'd run and skip about

Until her father held her down, he touched her oh so dirtily

And if she did not hold still for him, she'd soon receive a clout

The young girl only wants to help you get out

She doesn't want you to stay

She wants you to live, play and shout

Just run now, please don't stray

She's there now, hovering above your face

She's staring down at you

She'll hold on to your hand with grace

She'll look in your eyes as the pigeons softly coo

The room grows colder,

Hauntingly, she's reaching down to you

She'll gently touch your shoulder

As her eyes stick to yours like glue

She doesn't speak or make a sound as she lifts you from her bed

She pushes you now to her door, her only hope's to get you out

She turns around and looks upon her pillow, where she'd once used to rest her head

Until her father's hands had reached and closed around her neck

She remembers it so well in death as she falls upon her knees.

This is the ghost of Erika, she was only nine years old

The little ghost of Erika cries as her hair blows in the breeze

All she wanted in her life, was her Mothers hold…