Links' Love

This poem is mostly for my best friend; Gilly. I know she'll understand, hee hee. But, anyone is of course more than welcome to read and any review is more than welcome!

As you lay I watch you,

My fingers run through your flowing hair

I love you so much, if you only knew

I can't wait for your eyes to open; then they can meet my stare

My Love, if you only knew how much I love you so

You fill my love with happiness, no-one can even measure

As I hold you close and safe, I feel the feeling of love grow

I'll keep you buried in my heart, my one and only treasure

Zevana, if you only knew how much love is held within my heart

How beautiful you look when sleeping, makes me shed a tear

I wish for us to be together, to never be apart

I'll hold you close, now and forever, my Zevana, my Love, my Dear

I watch you as you breath, so soft and gentle, it's wonderful to listen

I wander if you're gods angel, sent down from Heaven to trick me

When your eyes are open, how beautiful they glisten

And when your eyes look to mine, my heart leaps with glee

Zevana, let me love you, hold you close forever

I'll never make you sad, I'll make you smile and sing

Let me be the one who'll be there forever and ever

Please say yes, as I pull out my pocket, a beautiful diamond ring…

Say yes and forever, I'll love you more and more

Say yes and walk with you, holding proudly your loving hand

Say yes and I'll sing to you, upon a moonlit shore

Say yes, My love, My Zevana and play with your hairs' every strand…