The Vampire Mortamus

By claire Campbell, Linkatrix

An immortal stood. His strange un-earthed, unreal blue eyes scanned around himself. He had naturally blond curly hair that flowed to his shoulders. Each fingertip was touching the fingertip from the other hand as if there was a purpose for this... but, there was none.

His clothes were old... but, not as old as him himself. In fact, they were young from him, they were from the 1700s. A white shirt and brown bottoms, he also wore a light brown pair of shoes. He wore a necklace with a pendent on. The pendent was a round, flat, blue gem which had a small silver crucifix in the middle of it. the pendent hung down to his chest.

The males fangs were pear white which matched perfectly with his unreal eyes. He stood at 6 foot in height and looked no older than 20 years old as he had been virtually ageless since he was turned. This vampire looked more angelic than monster.

This was the vampire Mortamus.

Mortamus looked over the park. Oh how things had changed, all that was, had now changed, completely, he shook his head as he watched the swing set move in the Childs play area. He entered it slowly, his steps careful, gentle. They didn't make a sound as he walked over the soft grass, he didn't speak, but his eyes said most of what he thought, they held the expression of shock and of the fear of a child.

"What has happened to the world?" he asked as he ran his fingers down the link chain that was on the swings. He sat in the seat of the swing, slowly swaying. His hands closed around each on the chains, holding himself on the swings as he watched around him. "A Childs' world, yes?" he asked himself as he blinked slowly. Some of the curls from his hair drifted to his cheeks and bobbed up and down with the slight breeze of the wind.

Mortamus slowly looked to the sky, "Master, what has happened?" he wept. Cold tears ran down his snow white cheeks and fell silently into his lap. His eyes always held the innocent of a child. Mortamus sat, hunched in the swing, his eyes filled with sadness, "Why am I here?" he asked himself as he tried to wipe the tears from his eyes. His throat became closed, tight as he wept, trying to stop himself. "I don't even know where I am…" he said sadly, "Is this England?" he asked as he scanned around the small park again.

No sound came to Mortamus. He was in England. He sat in a quiet park, no-one around him as it was 2:20am. The darkness stayed thick though, this was good, Mortamus loved the darkness. It was like a safety blanket to him, it held him safe. It is also in which he must live.

Mortamus looked sadly to the sky once more, "Master, can you even hear me?" Mortamus cried softly. He felt the tears run down his cheeks as he sat there, still looking like a lost child as he swung gently on the swing set. His eyes looked to the see-saw and then to the monkey bars. He stood and walked to them, "How odd…" he told himself as he ran his finger along metal bars as he walked under it. He blinked slowly, looking at the bars, "Cell bars." he told himself without thinking what he was saying. He looked away and then to the chain fencing around the child's play area, "Do they lock an animal in here?" he asked, "A monkey?" he asked, "Or is this area really for children?" he asked as he walked to the fencing and ran a finger along them. They chattered at his touch. Mortamus walked against the fence, "I don't understand." he whispered. Mortamus looked around again, around his new 'home' he was going to have to get used to this world. If he liked it or not… he was going to have to learn to live in the year 2005.

Mortamus stayed very quiet as he sat there, not one sound leave him as he leant against the chain fence. As the clock struck 3am, the sound from the large hour clock in the park rung tree times. Mortamus lifted his head from his sadness and looked to it, "Master?" he said as if asking the clock something. He walked out of the children's play area and towards the metal clock. The pole stood at 8 foot, the clock on top. It's golden coloured hands where on the face of the clock. Mortamus watched it. He raised a hand to it but couldn't reach. He sighed as he lowered his and looked away, "I remember my master clock." he told himself, "Beautiful… its strong wood… the beauty of the cream coloured face… and her gold hands…" he said as the thoughts traced his mind. "She was a beautiful clock… I wish I could see her again, and listen to her bell ring as I used to lay in my bed." he said and Mortamus' eyes seemed lost for a moment. His mind reaching out to his memories. "Oh, I remember it so well." Mortamus told himself softly, "I remember." he whispered and traced his fingers down the metal pole that held the cloak high. His eyes followed the pole up to the cloaks face again. "Sing once again at four." Mortamus told the cloak, as if it were a person. He held onto the pole and blinked softy, then closed his eyes and held them shut as he leant against the pole. "If only I were there now." he muttered unhappily. He sighed slowly, letting the air take its time passing through his lips.

Mortamus didn't smile, he didn't even move. A statue is what he looked like to anyone else. He then opened his eyes fast and looked to the sky fast, "My Master." he whispered, looking up to the stars. "I'll find my way to you, my Love, I promise…" he said, "Even though… I know in my heart… I'll never see you again, never see you smile… I'll never be in your arms again… I'm sorry I let you down, Master… I'm sorry…" Mortamus said. His heart filled with sorrow.

The cloak neared the time: 3:20 and Mortamus looked up to it, "I must leave you now, I'll be back though." he whispered to the cloak, as if it were a lost love. He stepped slowly to the side and then walked alone the pebble path. He looked at it, "Every little pebble tells a story." he whispered. He felt his stomach, "And every vampire must feed." he told himself as he felt true hunger. He licked his lips softly and looked around, "But, there are no mortals out at this time…" he said and looked behind himself. There wasn't a soul around, well, Mortamus thought there wasn't anyone around. It looked empty enough. "I must go hungry tonight, maybe tomorrow I'll feed and get a better picture of this new world."

Mortamus looked forwards but everything seemed blank, he didn't take notice of anything as he walked. He felt his pendent as he walked, careful not to touch the small crucifix in the middle. He didn't seem to look around until he reached the graveyard on the edge of the park. "What an odd place they put this park… right next to my home…" he muttered as he looked over the headstones. He walked through the graveyard, his fingers running over the heavily moss covered headstone. The words on them that had once been seen clearly; were now lost to the slippery, green plague of moss.

Mortamus was walking towards a stone crypt. He pushed open two heavily doors and entered the darkness and slowly closed the doors. He walked forwards into the shadow of the very old crypt and to a beautiful stone coffin that lay proudly in the middle of the room. The stone coffin had carved in angles along the side. He moved the lid and slowly lay in the coffin, it was beautifully linen; deep red and painted angels were in the inside of the coffins lid as he slowly pulled it shut. Locked away from the world in his home, his coffin until the night would come and he would be free to walk the streets again.