Chapter 2

The darkness slowly crept upon the land and entered the graveyard. A lot of noise had gone on in the day time though, it had made Mortamus' sleep bad. He had tossed and turned most of the day. Often moaning softly to himself. The sounds of cars and people shouting to one another were heard. When Mortamus finally did wake, he stayed, laying in his coffin, not leaving it yet, he treasured the moment for himself. Mortamus finally slid the coffin lid off and sat up. He looked around his crypt and stood, slowly walking out. He stood looking out over the grave yard.

Mortamus walked forwards, looking at names on the gravestones. "I wander what has happened." he asked as he walked on. He walked out of the graveyard until he came to the park again and looked upon the clock. Mortamus stood, looking up as he wrapped his arms around the pole, "I am back, Lady of time." he muttered and looked around. He went over his thoughts in his head. The thoughts of his master and his old life.

Time passed and Mortamus hadn't moved at all, he was gazing out at nothing. The darkness and the clock were his only friends at the moment. He blinked slowly, day dreaming. "Master." he whispered. "Please help me, I don't understand."

"What's not to understand, Sugar?" a females voice came.

Mortamus turned his head fast to see the girl, "Sugar?" he asked, looking at her oddly, he backed around the pole, watching her.

"Yeah, Sweetie." she said. The female had wavy brown hair that came to where her elbows were and soft blue eyes. She stood at 5'6 in height and wore a brown knee high skirt and a white blouse that was long in the arms and had a 'v' neck on it. It was also wrinkled styled. She was holding a small black bag and wore black boots that came just above her ankles. The girl looked about 19 years old.

"Sweetie?" Mortamus said slowly, looking at her. "Umm…" he said and looked around himself fast.

She laughed. "I saw you yesterday, hugging the pole." she said and laughed again. "Have you fallen in love with it?"

"In love?" Mortamus asked. "Oh, No!" he said fast, his eyes looked lost still. "I haven't been in love for over… well, I don't know the year."

She laughed again. "What are you on about?" she asked, coming closer. "Don't know the date?"

"Yes." Mortamus said, standing tall, "I don't know where I am, am I still in England?"

She looked puzzled at him for a moment, "Are you drunk?"

"What?" Mortamus asked and then shook his head, "No. I don't drink."

"Have you just escaped from some mental home?" she asked, "Or… a fancy dress party?" she asked.

"Umm… no." Mortamus answered. "I have not been in a mental home or this party of which you speak of." He said slowly.

"Then why the hell are you dressed like that?" she asked, puzzled.

"Dressed like what?" he asked, "I… I like my clothes, my master gave them to me."

"Oh! I get it now." She said loudly and then shook her head. "You know what? I never thought that a guy like you would do that."

"Do?" Mortamus asked. "And what is it that I do?"

"Easy, look at you. You say you have a master, she dresses you, must be a wired fantasy thing she has… you have beautiful hair and amazing eyes, you must be a male stripper."

Mortamus stared at her, "… No."

"You don't have to be shy about it. There are loads around here." she smiled, looking at Mortamus.

Mortamus stared, "Never.. Not me. And my master is a boy."

"You're gay?"

"No!" Mortamus said and backed away a little. He gasped a little, unsure completely, "What are you on about? I'm not a gay.. And I'm defiantly not a stripper."

"Look, no one goes out dressed like you are." she said and frowned slightly. "Don't lie to me. You must have just got off of a job and they must have slipped you a few pills because you really are freaking me out now. You have lost your memory." she said and watched me.

"Pills?" Mortamus asked slowly. He shook his head slowly. "I don't have a job."

"Yeah, you have just finished it." she said and sighed, "Look, I feel sorry for you… come with me. This has happened to me before, so I know what you're thinking and how it feels to be lost."

"Lost?" Mortamus said oddly. "Finished a job?"

"Yeah, doesn't matter if it was a male or female, they all have the power inside them to drug you. Come on." she said and came close, she took Mortamus' hand and started walking.

"What?" Mortamus asked, panicking slightly. "Can you help me?" he asked, trying to pull away. "I don't understand and… I don't know where I am."

She smiled, "Of course I can." she said. "Come on, I have offered my help. You have been drugged." she said.

Mortamus sighed to himself, he hadn't been drugged and he knew this. But she said that she could help, so… it was worth a try, wasn't it?

"You know what? I had you all wrong, I thought that you where some raving mad mental person." she said and smiled, pulling Mortamus closer by yanking his hand forwards. "But then we started talking and I was just completely taken back by you."

"Oh?" Mortamus asked, trying to get his hand free but she held it very tightly and he closed his eyes for a moment.

"Yes. I didn't know what you did for a living or that they had drugged you." She smiled.

"Please understand that I have not been drugged. And I haven't been raped in a long time." He said and looked at her as he wriggled his fingers to see if they still worked, they did. "Or in fact slept with anyone in a long time"

"Raped? Oh man, you really have had it bad." she said and looked dead up at him as she walked.

"It's okay, really… please let go, I'm losing feeling in my fingers." Mortamus said quietly. "I don't like to think that far back to my past."

"It's okay, Honey." she said and let go, she wrapped her arm around his waist and walked close to my side.

"Please stop calling me names like that." he muttered.

"For Gods sake, Mr Grumpy. I am trying to help you!" she said loudly.

"I'm sorry." Mortamus said and looked at her. "I know you are. I'm sorry, I'm just… you're a little forward." he said. Meaning that she took over.

Her hand came up and slapped Mortamus, "I am not trying to sleep with you!"

Mortamus moved away from her, "Thank the stars!" he said and held his cheek.

"Oh?! So now I'm not good enough for you, huh?!" she asked, glaring.

"No… that's not what I meant." Mortamus said and sighed unhappily. "I just want your help.. Please… it's not that you aren't a beautiful young lady, but I just want help, nothing more…" he said. Rubbing his cheek.

She frowned and then lost it. "Fine." she said, putting her hands on her hips. "But if you try and touch me, I'll rip your arms off faster than you can blink."

Was she crazy? Mortamus asked himself in his mind. "Okay, if I dare touch you, you have every right to kill me. Mortamus said slowly, looking at her. "But I won't. I swear." Mortamus said and watched her. "Please, fair Lady… I need your help."

"I know you do." she said and took his hand again. "Now, for the last time, come on." she said and walked on. Mortamus was dragged along at her side.

Mortamus watched her as he walked with her now. He didn't try and take his hand away again in case it started another fit. Was she safe to be around? Mortamus looked aimlessly forwards, walking with her. "I'm Mortamus, by the way."

She shot him a glance. "Okay, I really think that you need help now. If you're not okay by tomorrow, I'm taking you to a doctor."

"A doctor?" Mortamus repeated slowly.

"Yes, your name can't be Mortamus. You must have forgotten it. Is it Mike? Or Mickey? Or Matt?" she asked.

Mortamus shook his head. "No, it's Mortamus." he answered, looking at her.

"Okay. I'm going to do all I can tonight and tomorrow morning, we'll go to the doctors."

"I can't!" Mortamus said fast, looking at her. "… I have a skin problem, I can't go out in the sun."

"Then… I'll find another way to help you." she said. "We're nearly there."

Mortamus looked forward. 'Bless her for helping me. But am I going to be alive by tomorrow?' Mortamus asked himself as he didn't dare look back to her.