Mon Chou
by: trista groulx

My heart jumped out of my chest
As I realized what it all meant
This wasn't to end this way
This was never the plan
It has to be some kind of mistake
But it does not lie, it's the truth

Created out of lust not love
Created out of greed not desire
Created for what exactly?
To never know this world?
So sorry you can't see it

I just can't let that happen
I can't control my emotions now
So how could I with you here?
With his stunning blue eyes,
Staring back at me through you
I can't do it!
I'm sorry, it can't be done

You were created of lust not love
You were created of greed not desire
You were created for what?
You never know this earth

I know I should be honest
I know his beliefs
He'll never understand
He'll never forgive
So he must never know

So sorry I couldn't keep you,
But I couldn't survive it
And would be the point of that?

Brining you into my hurtful world
Bringing you into my narcissism
Bringng you into this sadness
I can't do it
I'm sorry and I won't

Created out of lust not love
Created out of greed not desire
I'm sorry I cannot let you breathe
But with you here I would stop

a/n: this is one of very few which is NOT autobographical, "mon chou" is a french term of enderment (tho directly translated it's my cabbage it's like sweetheart, or sweetie), it's about an abortion, and i hope i don't offend anyone who's gone through this, but it's a place i was in and lucky didn't end up pregnant, uh i really hope you like it...