I glimpsed the

Virgin Huntress

In all of her golden glory.

Bathing she was,

Attended by nymphs,

Compelled was I

to watch.

But sad is this day,

For she saw me,

And her face,oh! that lovely face,

Contorted in horrible anger.

She rose up then,

Uttering a word,

And I felt her magic

Surround me.

Wretched me! Oh, wretched is I!

Magicked into a stag!

By Artemis, in all

Her glorious, burning anger!

Thundering Zeus! Save me!

- My hunting dogs bay!

Poseidon, Earth Shaker! Spare me!

- My flight for life begins!

My life! My life!

My life is forfeit!

The end! The end!

The end is near!

The end of me-

The end of me-

Oh! I fear that it is near!

Closer! Closer now they come!

My heart beats faster, faster faster!

Teeth bite down, ripping open!

To Hades now, my soul shall go.