Watch Over Me

I feel weak all the time
I feel so useless, so powerless

I don't want to ask you to help me
I don't want you to waste your time

I want you to know I'm here
I think you know that already

Yet I feel I should assure you
I'm always here--I'm always around

But please--don't worry about me
Don't worry about my well-being

I'll try not to get too beat up
I'll try to tough it out

And yet--as tough as I try to be
We all know I'm not very strong

We know that I'm too gullible
Some say I'm too naive

I'm so sorry for making you work too hard
You shouldn't have to do any of this

I'm not supposed to be a burden
I'm supposed to be your friend

And yet I have to ask you
Will you watch over me?

When things get too rough
Will you be there for me?

Will you be beside me?
Holding my hand--taking care of my heart?

I know you will because
I trust you I'd trust you with my life

I know you'll always be there for me
As much as I complain, as much as I whine

I hope you know how much I care
I hope you all know that I'm really trying

I hope I'm not too protective
But I hope I'm protective enough

Please, tell me if I get too bad
Tell me if I'm too annoying

Don't worry about my feelings
I guard them well as weak as I seem

I won't cry in front of you
You don't have to see me so weak

That's why I don't cry like you do
I am afraid of my weaknesses

I am afraid--so afraid
I feel naked, exposed

I hope you know I'm not cold
I hope you know I do care

I hope for so many things
I hope you know this too

I love you all
Thank-you for watching over me

A/N: This is for all of my friends, Britani, Tim, Allie, Amanda, Katie, Mel, and all the others. I love you all!