Everyone knows who you are,
Though no one ever will know who I am.
So thank you for noticing a little something special
When no one else did.
I wrote this poem for you,
Even though it didn't happen.
I hope it never will,
But life has its own ways.
I'll never be as good as you,
In writing poems I mean;
But I can try my best
Never better than the rest:

What was it you had said?
Why did I have to go?
Each simple little memory,
Now passes by so slow.
We are stuck in yesterday…
Not wanting to accept;
The horrid truth that I am gone,
Gone forever more.
This morning I awoke
To face a brand new me;
But me, not wanting to,
Took my life away.
Though you cry for my loss,
The loss of my life,
It's not your fault because it was me,
Me who failed to make me seen.