by: trista groulx

My heart remains unsettled as I await your reply,
how you torture me with this game
I needed for you to know what I feel deep inside,
oh! How I could not keep it inside my head
It, the question, had a mind of its own, seeking freedom,
listening only to what my heart had to say
As my heart remains so confused by your lack of reply,
while my mind begs to give you time
My heart feels almost broken by your reaction,
my mind refuses to let me run the other way
How my heart is unsettled as I await your next step,
in what seems to be a torturous game
For you I throw out all my old rules away,
because I know this is what love must be
Why can you not see that this was just as hard for me?
it took so long for me to really know what I wanted
And this is all that I ever really wanted, dreamed about,
the face is now clear, you, me, we forever
I believe with all my heart that this will last that long,
can't you feel the same way once more?
My heart remains unsettled as I await your reply
a torturous game I am willing to play, only for you