Hello, my name is Raptor, for those of you who don't know me already. Nearly six months ago, I submitted a story entitled Star Wars: Reality to the science fiction section of Fictionpress. I believed that since the story took place in our reality, our universe, it would be all right on Fictionpress considering that it was ninety percent original, and before I start with my reasoning as to why, I want to make one thing very clear. I will not remove it from this site. Even if the administrators tell me too. Why I will do that will be explained in this essay.

First, let me lay down the facts of my story, starting with the fact that it is also on Fanfiction. It is set in our universe, with the characters having been ripped from the Star Wars dimension and then trapped in our dimension. The only characters from the original Star Wars are Darth Vader and the Emperor. The Rebel Alliance heroes are all dead. The ships and technology of both the Empire and the Rebellion were also pulled into our universe. The plot of the story is the generic plot of every struggle of freedom in any history: an oppressive government being challenged by a hopeless band of bold revolutionaries. However, the twist in my story is the Rebel Alliance in our universe—forged by characters native to our universe—is much larger than the one in the movies. The way the story is delivered is through what literature calls a "flashback." In the beginning, the story starts out eleven years after the Earth-dimension Alliance was formed. When the writing starts, the Alliance is preparing for a final attack on the Empire that would bring it down. As the center story unfolds, side-stories, labeled "Tale One, Tale Two, Etc.", flashback to past events, from the time the Alliance was born all the way up to a few months before the beginning of the center story. The Tales include stories that deal with the war, like a battle that goes horribly wrong, and others that deal solely with character development beyond the battle lines. Now, from my limited knowledge in the number of science fiction stories in the world, no other story is told quite like that. That doesn't mean it's easy though. Chronologically, it's very confusing. The dialogue is very teen-like and the characters are at least in their twenties, but there is a certain reason behind that. Many details lack. extended description, but, again, there is a certain reason behind that. Every stories has its tiny little problems. Mine is no different. There are plenty of original things though, too. My characters do improvisation, they eat Jell-O©, they visit Earth, they talk about Shakespeare, they smoke, they drink, they do everything that normal people can do in our reality.

Now before anyone starts to bomb me about having this story on Fanfiction, let me say this. I realize that by somebody else's definition, my story is a Fanfiction. Believe me when I say that has been thoroughly explained. What has yet to be explained, though, is why? Yes, I know why legally, but why in general?

Let me ask a question. When you(I ask this using what is considered a second-person word because I want to know what you, the reader's, answer is) read a story that you like, what do you care about the most? What website it's on, or the quality of the story? If you answered 'what website it's on', then wow! I don't know what to say to that. If you answered "the quality of the story" then my next question is why do you care so much about where you read a good quality story? If you consider a story to be good, does it really matter what site it's on? I don't know about half of you, but when I sign on to Fictionpress and read some of the stories, I read them for their quality. If I come across something that's considered a Fanfiction, I sigh, say "oh well", and just read it. I mean, it's not going to kill me, is it?

There are over 168,000 stories on Fictionpress. How many do you think are Fanfiction? What percent? The writers of Fanfiction have no intention of invading Fictionpress. Letting one story slip through the cracks doesn't mean that a thousand more are coming.

Another reason why this rule is stupid is that it has made some Fictionpress users very biased. A week ago, one Fictionpress person who attacked my story said that Fanfiction writing was 'lower quality'. Since then that person has tried to twist their comment around so it doesn't sound so rude and insulting. This person had the gall to call thousands upon ten thousands of people's time, blood, sweat, and tears lower quality. That is an unfair, unethical, and downright disgusting statement.

My enemies have told me that I have been disrespectful to Fictionpress and to them. Here's a direct quote: "Please, however, do not swear in reviews even if it is in a comical sense, but if you feel a need to, don't use anything worse than d--- or s---. Raptor, your review had been removed due to the language you used. Feel free to repost it with lesser language. Raptor, stop slandering my name."

Here are some reviews submitted to some of my stories:

"You sir, are a fucking idiot. There's a whole website dedicated to this kind of work where you can happily post your precious mega cool star wars story withought getting flamed by "the guards". Get a friggin life you moron, , that's the place to go. Are you too stupid to get that? Stupid kids..."

"Unique? I think not. I don't have to repeat what everyone else said, but I will say this. Get the hell off your high horse boy. Your just a dumb little twit who thinks he's special when in reality your just a pathetic, immature little fuck head."

"I concur.

Get a fucking life! why are you fighting so hard to keep this story on fictionpress? It's not even a good piece of writing. And who really gives a flying fuck about your stupid 'war' with the 'guards'? If anything, you've just further pushed your head up your ass because in this instance, YOU HAVE NO FUCKING CREATIVITY! So what if you put a disclaimer on it, this is still an original works site. The space your account is occupting is being wasted, instead of being used by someone who writes THEIR OWN STORIES! That's why this site was created genius. And you putting this pile of shit on here defeats the purpose of this site. Seriously, grow up and get a fucking grip!

Fuck you and have a nice day.

Supreme Overlord and CEO of Sick Bastards Industries Pty. Ltd."

"Raptor, what I don't understand is, why do you take things to such a personal level? Do you realize how retarded you sound?

Stop acting immature and GROW UP. I notice that another n00b is posting SW fanfiction on this site, so that's a negative affect for you.

Anywho, what's with this "war" stuff? Kinda pathetic that you think this is all some kind of big war... I think you need help."

"And uh, just as a word of warning, don't try to bring the Right to Free Speach in this if your an american, because THE RIGHT TO FREE SPEACH DOES NOT APPLY TO THE INTERNET! Yes, that is right, go and ask anyone who knows the laws, the united states constitution does not hold dominion over the world wide web."

(That's not really attacking me. I just decided to add it because I think it's funny s hell.)

"Ugh... Are you just that damn dense? Listen, kid."

Wow, yes, I guess I am slandering. I mean, look at these reviews plus some emails that were downright low in name-calling, like "fucking loser, get a fucking life." and "you dumbass" and what not. Then I submit one, single review that get's removed for using just a little fowl language, and that person accuses me of slandering.

"They should have dominion over their stories and where they should go." You do, but let's paraphrase P.J. O'Rourke and say that you can do whatever, you just have to accept the consequences."

"Also, the three unalienable rights (yes, there are three) are the right to liberty, life, and pursuit of happiness. They were adapted from John Locke's natural rights to life, liberty,and property. You failed the question, or at least my question."

This is something I just discovered, that I am going to answer in this. First I'd to thank this writer, because this writer just proved my point for me. Yes, that person is right, I must accept the consequences. I have done that. That person plus a number of others have attacked me story and me and I have taken their heated criticism pretty well and am still standing strong. However, I think the person who posted this review is assuming that the rules are the consequences. That is incorrect. The consequences is the heat I have taken from reviewers. The rules are obstacles that are blocking my unalienable right(not rights)as a human being. That unalienable right naturally given to every human being when they are born is the right to individuality. That means I have total dominion over my life and anything and everything attached to it. That means anything created by me is also under my total and complete control. All of those rights that the writer listed above fit into the one unalienable right. I have the right to life; I have the right to live. I have the right to liberty; the right to be free and do what I want. Which means, according to what I believe and what that writer says above, Fictionpress has no right to tell me where to put my story because that is violating my right to be free and do whatever I want. I have the right to be happy. I'm not happy right now because certain audiences have been restricted from reading my story simply because of the title. Here we go; the clincher; the big one because it's relevant to this situation. I have the right to my property. This story is my property. I have borrowed other characters and technology, given proper credit for them, then used them to write a new story never told. The administrators can't tell me where to put it. The rules can't tell me where to put it. Only I can because it is my story. It is my property. I have total dominion over it. Nobody else does because I'm the one that put in the time and effort. So why should somebody else have any control over it at all?

This essay will be probably be reviewed not for its quality. It will probably be reviewed badly because it's not in proper form, and God forbid that should happen. Look at what that rule has done. It is causing people to judge stories based on the title rather than the quality.

My last question before I stop s what does it matter? The sites are owned by the same people. A story is a story no matter what website its on. Quality matters the most in a story. So what is the big deal? What is so wrong with one story on Fictionpress being different than all the others? What does it matter? And I ask you to answer without using the rules as your excuse. Forget the rules, forget what the administrators have told you to uphold and just think about it in general, and then apply that to the situation. Think for yourself without the rules you cling so dearly to. Please. I did not put this story up to deliberately break a rule. I did not put this story up to annoy you. I did not put this story up to start a Fanfiction revolution. I put this story up because I don't want select audiences to be banned from reading it simply because it is a Fanfiction, because it has a different title. That's it for now.