It is no one's nature to kill! Killing is a choice, not a nature. No matter how many times someone may commit a murder, they can stop anytime they want to simply by making a choice not to. It may be harder to do for some people than in others, but it can be done. They were not born murderers. If they were, then they would be thrown in jail when they were born, right? If they were born murderers, then the doctors would know since they were born that way. Don't criticize for that one, because you all said that. Don't call these kids stupid though, because that's a shot to their intelligence. Killing someone doesn't mean their idiots. There's a guy in prison in New York(I think it's New York) right now, whose been sentenced to life in prison for murdering someone in a gang fight. That same man is up for the Nobel Peace Prize because he's turned numerous people away from gang violence and gangs all together. He's a murderer, but he seems pretty smart to me. But if they let him out he's just going to go commit another murder because it's his nature to kill right? One mistake, no matter how grave it may be, does not automatically qualify the person as being stupid. Now I'm not asking anyone to sympathize with murderers. It just looked to me like Darthen was saying that they were not humans when they died. They were not crazy. Being manically depressive as these kids were doesn't mean they were crazy. Bullying isn't an excuse, I agree. Like I said and like most of you said, it was their choice, and they made a wrong one. I'm just saying that bullying played a major role is helping them make that choice.

This part is to No Trust.

"I'd laugh in the moron's face, because I do have friends and people do love me and moreover, I do not draw my sense of self from having friends or people who love me."

Well good for you. Sadly enough, Trust, not everybody can take that shit as well as you can. You want to help this planet, then help people get over their fears of bullies. If we all reached out to the ones we consider "weaklings", then we might prevent things like Columbine from happening, and/or the number of teenage suicides per year.

To my "clone," out there.....just....stop. You're not funny, and you're not my clone. Far from me.