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Chapter 1 – Yours Truly

'She was a nobody, while he was the school's most popular guy. She had nothing in her life, while he had everything in the palm of his hand. They lived a world apart, yet somehow, love found them together…'

Hm… I turned the book back over, the bold heading, 'Learn to love me' screamed into my uncertain face. Once again, I found my eyes turning back to the book in my other hand,

'He mocked her, laughed at her, belittled her every chance he gets. She accepted his abuse and trudged through life, waiting for the end. However, all it took was one litt-'


I jumped in my chair, what the hell!?

"Can you put those damn books down for one second?!" I turned wearily towards the owner of the screech. A peeved looking teenage girl glared at me across the table. "Geez! I've been calling your name for the past 30 seconds and all you did was turn your head from your left hand to your right! Now I've got to tell the story all over again!!"

No one's forcing you to… I thought, but instead I just sighed in defeat. You can never win with Meena, she's like the top bitch cheerleader in our group… except we're not cheerleaders… or bitches for that matter. Damn, I have been reading too much.

Resigned, I put the books back into my backpack. I'll just have to choose later. Having done that, I turned to my annoyed friend,

"What?" I croaked finally, having not used my voice in years… ok, ten minutes.

She gave me a miffed look before starting to ramble on, once again, about some guy she met online.

"… I mean, he was totally into me. He asked for my name and then said like that's the most beautiful name ever. Seriously, he's even got the same…"

As hard as it is to believe, it only took those few sentences and I had tuned out completely, I could still hear her yapping in the background, but her words were passing right into my ears at one end and coming straight out of the other. Instead, I decided to carry out my favourite pastime: daydreaming.

I imagined myself as one of those girls in the books; sad, lonely, walking with my shoulder slumped and feet dragging across the floor, you know what I mean. The people sneered and mocked me as I descended down the stairs. I kept my head bowed…

and kept walking. I guess I was so busy attempting to hold my tears back that I didn't notice someone had stuck their foot out. By the time I noticed, it was too late. I tripped and rolled painfully down the flight of stairs, landing ungracefully in front of somebody's feet.

"Well, well, look what we have here?"

I tensed, knowing exactly who was standing over me. Pathetically, I tried to stand up by supporting against the wall. But to my humiliation, the wall was had little friction effect and I found myself crashing back down to the floor again. The loud thud as my bottom hit the hard concrete sent my torturers into a laughing frenzy.

Through my tears, I gazed up at them, and found myself staring into a pair of icy blue eyes. I cringed as I noticed the mocking jeer which he-

A loud round of laughter broke around me. My reaction was fast, I laughed out loud too, joining my friends as if I knew what was happening.

Don't get me wrong, I do like my friends, well some of them. It's just… I'm not very close to them. I mean, yeah, I do tell them stuff and listen when they tell me stuff (yes, I DO listen actually, sometimes) but I wouldn't tell everything to any of them, you know, like best friends do in fictional stories.

Oh, there I go again. Stories… books…

I may as well come clean. Ok, I'm a romantic; a really sad, non-life, obsessive, addicted, anti-social, pathetic, hopeless romantic. Go ahead, you can laugh. Ha ha ha… you done yet? No? Should I give you a few more minutes? (Tap the table patiently.)

Seriously though, I'm really obsessed with them. Whether it's end tragically or happily ever after, I'd be in heaven for days if I'd found one which was really good.

Yup, that's me, your socially lifeless lovey-dovey pal for life.

Well, since you're so interested in me (well, you must be if you've read up to here), I might as well explain my life in terms of the social ladder.

As I'm sure all of you know, in every chick romance novel, the social ladder is divided up into three main categories:

There's the Populars, who consists of jocks, cheerleaders, rich kids, you know, all beauty but no brains;

The Middles, the go-between people, who are moderately well-off and are basically, generally … well, normal. (There are the odd exceptions of rich students who are too … lacking in the appearance department to find a title in the Royals of our humble school);

And lastly, but not least, then there's the… well, not unpopulars, but the Nobodies, as in no one really cares what they say (beside teachers) kind of people. They, as I'm sure you've all guess, include the dorks, geeks (what's the difference?), freaks, loners, and any other abnormal, so to speak, people in our beautiful modern society.

Well, I don't know about you but my school isn't totally like that.

The people who belong in each category are pretty much correct, but it's not completely true that the Populars are total numbskulls. By the way, the key word is 'completely'. I mean, yeah, there are still many airheaded bimbos and buff, what-are-you-looking-at bullheads (or males, if you are looking for the human term). But the Populars have got some extremely intelligent brain-beholders. Some.

And most of them are quite nice, unlike the untrue portrayal of them in general books. But then again, there are exceptions!

The Middles and Nobodies fit pretty much the way they are shown in all stories, the Nobodies do not get bullied (often) by Populars however, as contrary to popular belief, but more ignored. And it's false that there are no bitches or bastards in the Middles and Nobodies.

I mean, Meena is one.

And yeah, she's still rambling, for those of you who wanted to know. I mean, she's very much similar the bitchiest cheerleader in stories, and we (yes, I am included, to my shame) are like her groupies. She's not one of the Populars, but one of the Middles, but her nasty attitude made her seem like a Popular in our miniature gang.

As for yours truly, well, I'm between a Middle and a Nobody. Middle because I hang around with Meena (yes, no need to remind me, I'm her groupie), but my studious nature also earned me the title of a half nerd/geek (seriously, what's the difference?)

Sometimes, I wish I could just become a complete nerd/geek. One, it gets me away from Meena. And two, I just may become my dream self…

No, my dream self isn't to be a nerd and to be ignored for the rest of oblivion.

I mean, I'd give anything to be one of those sad, lonely girls in chick romance stories. Unknown in the world then suddenly, BAM! She is swept off her feet by her Prince Charming, a.k.a. Hottest guy in school.

But sadly, I am quite realistic and practical. I know the chances of that happening are like a trillion to one. So I'm not really stupidly enough to degrade my status just so my impossible dream can have one trillionth of a chance of becoming true. But hey! I can still enjoy a little romance in my life (or books), can't I?

The cafeteria door opened, I know exactly who are coming. Man, I can almost hear the music in the background.


The Populars have arrived. (faint)

Leading right at the front of the large crew (well, two dozen-ish people) was two amazingly gorgeous male specimens.

Oh by the way, another thing which differs me from my dream self. You know, in stories, the girl would never be in love with her Knight in Shining Armour, or at least at the start…

I hear you say hesitantly, "Yeaahh…"


Let's just say I've got the world's humungest crush on the Mr Popular of the Populars…

… or, to be more precise; one of the two 'amazingly gorgeous male specimens' who have just walked through the door…


How was that? Aelyn is very much based on my own character, not all of it though. I do not follow around any of my friends for one. Meena is actually derived from one of my friends but she turned out meaner than I had intended… oops.

Lol. I'm sure you've all shared the feeling that you wished you were like the lucky girl in many fictionpress stories… I know I have.

I hope you've enjoyed this story so far, as much as I've enjoyed writing it. And if you have time (or think my story is worthy enough), please review as I get absolutely ecstatic when I see them… :D