Kerry's hair fluttered into her eyes. Pushing it behind her ears, the girl sighed softly as she stared into the wall ahead of her. Slowly, she allowed her eyes to slide out of focus, watching the orange bricks morph into one, sliding past one another, and swirling into the depths of the black curtain to the left of them. Rising from the bottom of her view, a red pillar slides through the darkness surrounding it, the flame licking her eyelids innocuously. A phoenix materialises, swimming through her view hypnotically, and exploding into a tremendous cloud of white light. There - flying from the sides of the scar, a scatter of stars, gliding far away from her view and fading like the last sparks of a firework. The white burst swirls with tinges of purple and blue, and stretches into a tunnel. She follows it, mesmerised by the gently spiralling edges... on, and on and forwards and around it leads her, further... further from consciousness. As she drifts, Kerry glimpses a door at the far side of the tunnel, curving in a dizzying manner. For a while, the tunnel halts, frozen. While listens at the door, to the voices sliding from the edges, she realises that they are vaguely familiar, and yet she is unable to pinpoint them. It's as though they're talking to her... the strangely familiar voices. Her hand stretches for the door, fingers smudging into peach stripes, and neatly folding into the walls again, like water filling a hole. The tunnel glides into life again, knocking her to the floor. While she sinks, it envelops her like a blanket, smothering her. She calls out as she falls into the soft state of nothingness. Closing her eyes, her body falls limp as the deepest sleep engulfs her, wrapping around her, smoothing away all thoughts.