. the blue sun .

- aka

those irreversible changes


The sun was blue. We were both staring up at it, watching as the icy orb sat in the sky in its unnatural state. Through my bedroom window, the sun boasted in the sky, yet. . . it was blue.

"That's not normal," Teret commented from beside me. I clutched my book in my arms and shrugged. I walked over to the table in front of the window and set my books down on it. Teret took a seat on the windowsill beside the table and squinted as he peered at the sun through the see-through blinds.

"That's not normal," he repeated. I rolled my eyes—of course it wasn't normal for the sun to be blue.

Teret was only a guy in my class who seemed a little. . . dull, if you caught my drift. Although his bright blue eyes, pretty much the same color that the sun was now, perceived him to be very clever, he really wasn't. At least, not in school, anyways. When the teacher would ask him a question, his answer would be silence.