so useless.

you're goin' to lose someone of your senses...

what don't you wanna lose?

when you grow up

you change your mood like a chameleon

you dismiss your beliefs

openin' your mind to brand new fears

there are things you don't make ('cause) motivation is missing

but you always know to pretend to be somebody else

it's the only way to survive, don't you?

if I was dumb

I wouldn't say words to hurt you

if I was deaf

I wouldn't hear your words to hurt me

if I was blind

I wouldn't see the people destroys itself.

my truth is so useless

who understands to me?

my happiness is so useless

I'm not for real

my sadness is so useless

nobody is for me

I don't get to express myself

my life is so useless

I'll die, so what?

when you sleep

I can't help you to fight against the nightmares

we just can run until the end to betray ourselfs

and someday to say we're cowardice

'cause of to leave the hopes field...

if I was a season

I would be your winter

if was a way

I would take you to fade

if I was oxygen

I wouldn't help you to breathe

but if you knew to cry

I'd like to be your tears

if you wanna fly

I'd like to be your wings

can I really be the joy in your agony?

I can't help you to breathe...

chorus: the truth is so useless

who can live without lies?

the happiness is so useless

it'sn't real

the sadness is so useless

nobody is able to express themselfs

the life is so useless

who won't die?

please, don't give me reasons

don't save my innocence

I'm tired, everyday I'm the same song

the heroes doesn't exist

I'm not a poor spot in the wall

I don't need to be saved.


please, let me make mistakes

let me drown in wishes

let me hurtin' myself...

I'll always lie you.