Behind glaring eyes

I see you, watching me

For the last time

No shudder escapes my body

As my hazel eyes meet yours

I lose myself in questions

Wondering what's behind them

And why I never looked

Deeper than my own insecurity

Ending eight months of hatred

I see nothing of what you were

When my nightmares acted out a love

I never felt for you

When I woke up, shaking in fear

Knowing you'd be there

For real

A few short hours after

I've never hated anyone

The way I hate you

But suddenly, my mind betrays me

And everything stops in its tracks

I hold my gaze a moment longer

Hoping that I'll never lose

The image of you

As everything I wished you were

I would see you again

Once more

But even as I stared directly at you

Walking slowly by

You had no name or face

Perhaps I still had time

But you were already gone