Deep Within Our Dreams

And if I know you

I know what you'll do

You'll love at once

The way you did once upon a dream

o0oSleeping Beautyo0o

Summary: Stacie is starting out in a new college, in her dormhall in old Whitmore mansion, there's a painting of a girl who has her face, the girl is Alicia Whitmore who lead a romantic yet tragic life, as Stacie is about to find out in her dreams, for the two share more than a face

Chapter I

"Why on earth made you want to go to school all the way out here?" my mother asked me as we were unloading the car

It was strange for me to want to go to college here, to leave sunny and warn California for the beautiful yet cold east coast. I fell in love with this school the first minute I saw it when my mother and father took me to visit the old mansions on our vacation. Simple summer cottages is what those mansions were to Victorian aristocrats; simple summer cottages, that has three to four floors of more than 30 rooms lavishly decorated in riches. There were so many of these "summer cottages" that they were either tuned into a resort, a museum, or even a school, those that were not torn down that was. Being a history buff, this school became a dream. I couldn't believe it, a school made up of mansions! Dorm in mansions! I know, a terrible reason to go to a school but nonetheless they had my majors and that was enough for me. To imagine how these people lived, the mere 20 of the bitter gilded era. The balls, the beautiful dresses, the events; such romance! The men in that era, although chauvinists, were gentlemen who treated women with such civility, very unlike my ex-boyfriend who treated me like he owned me. Maybe the boys in this school are somewhat better, but with 35 of them in the school population, the good ones will be most likely taken. Well I didn't come here for the boys anyways.

Have you ever wanted to go to someplace where nobody knows you? I do, I'm tired of people judging me by who they knew me as and think I still am. Instead of seeing me as me, they see me as Stacie the girl who hung out with so and so in middle school who blah, blah, blah. It wasn't like I had a bad rep or anything, I just want to be something other than what I'm known as. I was suppose to go to UC Santa Cruz with my friends Kendall and Taylor and they haven't quite forgiven me for deciding otherwise.

"She wants to be near the yacht club of millionaire bachelors, remember" my father joked

"You got me dad" I joked back

"You have all the numbers programmed in your cell, right?"

"Yes mom, I've told I did"

"Uncle Frank's brother-in-law lives forty miles away incase of an emergency" my dad informed

"I know"

"Why don't they have your room ready?"

"I don't know mom"

"I going to miss you" my mother's eyes were watering yet again

"I sure can't wait to turn your room into my gym"

"Jacuzzi and all huh?" I smiled at my dad

"Nonsense it'll always be just the way you left it!"

"You guys are going to be late for your flight," I reminded yet again

"Remember to call everyday" my mom said as she tightly hugged me

"I will"

She let go and I hugged my dad, "Don't party too hard" my dad joked once more covering how he really felt

"Oh I will, I'll be in rehab by the time you'll see me again"

"Bye sweetheart"

"I'll be fine"

They were gone and I was now alone in the bustling dormhall with my luggage. It's going to be worth it, I told myself as I stood alone for the first time in my life. Then there was a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see a middle aged women.

"Are you Stacie O'Hara?" she asked

"That's me"

I'm here to guide you to your room, follow me and don't worry about your belongings, someone will bring it up for you. I'm Mrs. Brock"

I followed her up the stairs, "How many roommates do I have?" I asked

"You're one of the lucky ones, you have you own room and bathroom"

"You're kidding"

"No I'm not miss, see the room you're in is far too small for more one person. The room was a tiny room meant for a nurse during that era, the room is next door to the mistress's master bedroom, which is now a five girl dorm room might I add, so all in all you have it better off"

"Are you sure it's not a walk in closet?"

"It's a very lovely little room, it in the tower structure, the room is round with large windows, and the window seat was so big, we were able to fit a twin size bed on it" she then stopped for a moment and was looking at me strangely

"What is it?" I asked as she was making me nervous

"You look a lot like…"

"Like who?"

She then pointed up, I lifted my head to see what she was pointing at… I saw my face, it was on a painted portrait of a girl in a flowing white dress, her hair up in a simple loose bun with a pink rose pinned in. But it was her expression that compelled me more than the resemblance, she looked so sad, so miserable, so helpless, yet in the same time confident and daring; like some caged bird. "Who is she?" I asked gasping

"That's Alicia Whitmore, she was the wife to famous and dashing oil tycoon Henry Whitmore. Her life was a fairytale"

"But her face says otherwise" I murmured

"Henry's on that wall over to the right, wasn't he handsome, like a movie star"

I looked to his portrait, he was handsome with short wavy brown hair, blackish brown eyes, tan skin, high cheekbones; I wouldn't mind being married to him despite his less charming handle-bar mustache. "What happened to them?"

"Even though their life was a fairy tale, their ending wasn't a happy one" she paused

"Why?" I pursued, "To live in this house, to live that life style, what can be tragic about that. I can't see why she would have such a sad face. What is she sad about, while poverty was at its worst, she was probably very well fed on chocolate truffles. While laborer were fretting about whether or not they'll have enough money to live, she was probably fretting on whether or not she'll find the perfect dress for the ball. Nothing can make that life tragic"

"Tragic or not, no one wants to relive what happened…"

"Whatever, just show my room"

She led me to my room on the top floor and got the key out and unlocked the door, "room is on top of the small flight of stairs and your private bathroom is under the stairs, there's no shower so you have to share with the girls in the next room. Here's your key, make yourself at home"


I walked through the door and upstairs and then opened the door to my new room. I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked in, despite the size the room was gorgeous, the room was indeed round with half the wall cover with big windows. And the mattress was on the window seat and did fit perfectly. The room was bright and cheery, it's not so bad, in fact it's incredible

So far I'm having a good start; I just hope I have the same luck with my classes the next day


AN: Okay slow start with the introduction of setting and all, I promise next chapter will be much more interesting once things get started. I do have to warn you all that this is indeed rated M, things are going to get, well I don't want to give anything away but just be warned that's it's not the average Mary Sue time travel love story…time travel, yes; Mary Sue, NO. Turn back now if you're expecting Mary Sue cuteness! You'll see later and don't worry this story is not too depressing