(Note to my friends: this is FICTION BASED, ok?!)

We walk outside, hand in hand,

Rain is falling.

A droplet runs down my cheek, you wipe it away.

We hunch up our jackets and run for cover,

Finding the doorway of a disused shop.

I shiver in the cold, you draw me near,

Resting your head on mine.

We stand back, look at each other,

Neither of us has said a word.

I pull his hood away from his face,

Caressing his face at the same time.

I stare into his eyes,

They, powerful, stare back.

As the rain crashes down,

Everything seems so....right.

I stand closer to him, he straightens up.

We become closer, closer,

My arms wrap around his wet leather jacket,

He holds my waist.

Our heads move, slowly, from side to side,

We kiss.

The rain creates a picturesque atmosphere,

My wet hair moves against his pale cheek.

This is wrong.

We move out, into the rain,

Pushed against the shop window,

This is how it should be.

The rain, drenching us,

Making the moment even more sensational.

And there we are, the two of us,

Kissing in the rain.