Dreams muse, innocent

Like clouds scooting across the vast azure sky

Soaring up in lilting, perfect glory.

Lines stream in sync

Mimicking the varied textured river of sounds below

Their loveliness sweetly painful

Stringing me along


And I see the notes on the page

Hop and jump like Mexican beans

To the multi-coloured hues

And I feel like jumping too!

With sparkling, mischievous eyes

Dipping and curtsying to the lively tune

Of the Irish melody

Step step step step

Twirl float fly!


And then I am whisked away to mountains

And -scent-taste-smell- rainforests where animals play

Peeping in and out of the green

Purple fronds wave merrily

And orange ferns wriggle

Rough smooth heady spicy sweet!

What a riot of scents and colours

In the cheery humid vibrancy of the living tropic forest


I swim through the canopy

Bursting deeply into the cold fresh air above

And float, weightless, on a peaceful


The wind stirs serenely at my cheeks

I sunbathe in the comforting warmth

Sipping at a nectarine

And I wonder if it's heaven

It sure is high enough…


Then crisp piano notes lift me high

And I'm a bird



Cutting the air

Leaving a swirling panpipe wake of fluffy white cotton


My feet shiftshiftshift to reggae steps

On the grey sidewalk

I grin

My body has never felt this light

With a twist of my felt cap

I become one with the music


The soft lines surround me

Gyrating with their own smooth rhythm

And I'm whole


It's a beautiful feeling.