bodies burning in the alleyways & it smells like charred flesh & simmering asphalt. cigarette smoke lingers (stagnant) in the air (thick&heavycannotbreathe). you didn't see anything, anything at all. afterwards: you just regurgitate what you're told but you don't believe any word of it; yet you let the fallacies glide from your serpent tongue. just second nature to you (now). the burning stars above los angeles can't save you because what you can't see doesn't exist. (just like god, yesyes just like him) licking the remnants of salt from the rim of your glass, you finish off your (lime) margarita. buy me another? you ask, as you lift a single eyebrow. walking home, you spit onto the ground, still tasting flesh, & i know you want to retch. you don't know that anyone else saw those unorthodox crucifixions, & you like it that way. but i was watching when you doused the unconscious with gasoline & kissed the match before you lit it. i should turn you in, but god, you looked so beautiful in the blaze of the flames that i can't help but be anything but enamored.