"I would like to go out," said mom, "I'll be out for the day, but I'd appreciate it if Dad would wash the dishes."

"I would like to go out with you, "said sister.

"No sister! 'Cause I am going on a secret mission. So, I, I would love to have you come but I won't let you. It's really scary. Because you know why it's to scary?"

Sister glared at Mom. Mom continued going out the door to begin her perilous trip. "And I would like to have Baby come with me. Because she could turn into a monster."

Suddenly Baby appeared in the room, she morphed into a monster. She had three horns upon her head. With a posiend needle sticking out from her forehead. For every horn that was lost a needle grew to replace it. Her powers allowed her,also, to induced pain upon any really, really evil bad guys. She was small for a monster, a pinkish, grayish, and brownish color for her rough and scaly skin. Should her powers be lost at any moment, they would grow back. Sometimes in the winter, she'll have a lambskin coat to keep her warm.

Mom scooped up little Daisy, the babby,and continued on her way.

Sister starred, she whistled, "What is this stuff?"

In her palm she was holding her prescription medicine. She rubbed her eyes once more and whistled.

END MU-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!! Evil babysitter ending! HA! (evil chuckle)