"Shattered Pieces of Heart"
E.M. Hunton

It's not that I let you label me:
because that's never been the case.
And I don't settle for a state of mediocrity
because that contradicts my heart
but what you see
may not line up with who I am
if you can't see through walls.

it's true: I wear masks
self-imposed labels
and self-titled titles
things I claim to be me
so I don't have to show you my heart

And I draw attention to certain things
spotlight the strengths
to overshadow the faults
so you won't see
the things that hurt me.

And I pick extremes
never resting in the middle
accepting balance
because then you would have to look deeper
but will you anyway?

If I let down the walls
and just be
instead of pushing
to live up to self expectations
which you now expect of me
if I stop to be myself,
will you notice the change, and embrace it?

Because keeping to myself
keeps me from tearing you up
or allowing you to tear up me
by tearing myself up instead.

And some say
self-inflicted pains is far worse
because I don't have to show it
and I can't be free from it.

And I'm beautiful?
I suppose it's true
but do I really believe it
that in all my imperfections,
faults—things done out of ignorance
and fear
I'm still pure
and beautiful?

Yet I know
that one day
I will just be to, well,
just be

for now—I ask you to try
to look past my fronts
into my eyes
and into my soul.
I may close you out
out of fear
I'm sorry.
But, I'm growing.