"A Cry for Perspective"
E.M. Hunton

I feel my heart
torn on the floor
does anyone know?
Does anyone care?
It is said that I
don't have the right
to be hurting
that I brought this
upon myself.

You said it was time
I went to the call
yet I feel more alone than ever
Like what I had
meant nothing.
because all that is life
is a picture or two
and nothing more.

You never promised it would be easy
but you promised
that when it was the hardest
you would hold me the closest
why does it feel so desolate?

And others, do they care?
I know it's not their fault
but they don't even see
the pain they cause me
but it's not fair that I should hurt.

But I do hurt
my heart is sick
and I am faint
locked up
yet desperately alone.

Please uphold me
I know you will
But I need your comfort
the pain is too much to bear

Tears fill my eyes
it is hard to write on
for I can't see my own words
or worth

But I know there is more.