Let's play the sentence game! WOOOOOOOO!


Alligators only dance under pressure.

Bothering Black-Eyed Susans is not legal under the law of the land.

Citations often make interesting golf partners.

Dwarves play merrily under the influence of Yoda.

Emanuel knew just how to twist off the presidents head (but just a little bit!)

Fishermen can live as long as they can still be loved.

Guilty gumdrops gallop towards greatness.

Hiking up a mountain, I noticed my shoe was a badger.

Imitation pandas will certainly not do!

Judging by your face, I'd say you haven't seen one of these before?

Klutzy kangaroos create chaos when cremated.

Lava cheerios are part of a good breakfast!

Mermaid Joe giddily leapt across the toast.

No person is allowed to tip the camera off-duty.

Oh! I dind't know spaghetti couldn't fly into the sun!

Pretzels make me wonder about my apocalyptic intentions.

Q-Tips did WHAT?!

Robert didn't know why his mother was a horse.

Some of the best chefs are invertebrates.

The manual stated that it was not difficult to commit genocide.

Ugh! I told you not to tickle the atom bomb!

V-necks are my favourite type of pudding, but only served with extra mittens.

Working in the apothecary was a load off my mind.

Xerox is my favourite brand of baby wipes.

You may think you know what you're doing but only I know how to pistol whip these turkeys!

Zeus sadly unleashed his wrath while taking a nice hot bubble bath.