She sits at home , stares at the stairs

Yearns for a passion that isn't there

He makes his way down to the bay

Those silent eyes, nothing to say

Glances at beauty, an iridescent sky

Shes rotting inside, praying to die

Enveloped by wonders, the mystic boy sighs

The agony felt, betrayed by the eyes

They walk down the sidewalk, two worlds apart

Yet who can explain the proverbial heart?

He takes a step, gently lifts her chin

With every moment, time grows more thin

Time suddenly stops, velocity fades

Passion reveals its various shades

The girl stares into his windows of teal

Memorizes his wounds, all that he feels

Her penetrating glance, examining his soul

She knows of his suffering, how much evil stole

His feeling heart, sensing all that she wants

He knows of her desire, knows that it haunts

Two searing spirits almost drowned in the dark sea

they saw through the deep haze, heard one another's plea

That is the power of the eye lock...