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He sat at the window, reeling on the ledge. His impassive gaze was not on the outside world, but on the crack on the windowpane. It snaked outwards, like a spider web. The house was ancient—it was of the Victorian Era. Cracks like these were too be expected, but his deadpan gaze hinted that he thought otherwise. If he could narrow his eyes, and glare at the crack, he would. Long ago he had lost the ability to move his facial muscles. Even blinking was burdensome now. He blew a sharp exhale of air out of his nose, the only thing hinting at his frustration with the crack on the windowpane.

A voice that was not his own spoke, as if talking to a toddler, "Dear, staring at the window isn't going to make it fix itself." J'aime was leaned up against the door frame, staring at his lover attempting (and failing horribly) to glare daggers at the fracture in the windowpane.

There was a quick exhale of breath through the other's nose, once again. He jumped down from the window—seeing as he was so short he had to jump or slide off the window sill. He stood upright quickly, in all his 4'10" glory, blonde hair waving slightly, trying to catch up with his movements. J'aime smiled at his short companion, who was staring at him dully, arms crossed pointedly over his chest.

"Would you like dinner, then?" J'aime asked, ignoring his lover's obvious annoyance with him. The thought of dinner caused the petite vampire to perk up slightly, he walked towards J'aime. He took his time though, not showing that he was indeed hungry. They were an odd pair, J'aime and Nat. One would say their size was the first noticeable difference, J'aime being 6'1" he towered over his little lover. Then the hair, J'aime having black and Nat having blonde, would be the next difference. Then the skin color, J'aime being extremely tan and Nat being…not so tan. But, back to the height difference. J'aime would never miss a chance to rub it in that the other was legally considered a dwarf. That day, though, he didn't seem to be trying to irritate his partner. That day he knelt down in front of the other, a smirk plastered on his face as he clasped his hands on the other's hips.

"Monsieur Nat, may I be blessed with your holy kiss before we set of?" He asked, letting his voice—and accent—seduce the now taller of the two into leaning down and letting J'aime kiss him.

Though Nat had lost the ability to use his lips in a kiss, his tongue made up for the loss. J'aime pulled Nat closer to his body, forgetting entirely about 'dinner'. Nat's arms wrapped themselves securely around the French vampire's neck. Moments later J'aime broke the kiss.

"There will be more later," J'aime whispered reassuringly, trying not to laugh at the other, "I just thought you wanted dinner, that's all." His eyes met Nat's rolling ones.

Telepathy. Not all vampires possessed the ability to speak with their mind; J'aime was a stronger vampire physically so he did not possess the ability to speak telepathically, while Nat was incredibly weak physically, but to make up for the weakness he could speak telepathically. Nat was of course lucky that he possessed the ability to speak telepathically, considering the aforementioned inability to move any of his facial muscles—with the exception of blinking.

On a side note, there were many speculations as to why he can still blink while he can't move his lips, eyebrows, cheeks, etc. some say it's sheer will power, some say it's his body's instinct to open and close the eyelids and others say the cocaine didn't effect his eyes most likely. On another side note, Nat had been poisoned with cocaine. Human drugs work differently in vampire bodies, to say the least. Cocaine is one of the deadliest of all drugs/poisons for a vampire. It was aimed to paralyze the heart and stop the brain from working. But seeing as Nat was only one of a few who survived (not to mention a fraction of the survivors weren't brain dead) all he could really complain about was the fact that he didn't get high.

And now back to telepathy. Nat hated communicating mentally, but seeing as it was his only form of communication that didn't involve writing down what he wanted to say, he had to deal with it. 'How soon is later?' was what he asked, telepathically, in response to J'aime. In reaction to him J'aime just laughed softly, airily.

J'aime stood up, with such a grace that it was a wonder people didn't realize he was a vampire. "I think I want Mexican tonight," He said brightly, taking hold of the blonde's hand.


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