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-Chapter 1-

-The Ramblings of Mr. Reinold-

Wendy walked up to High Water High School for her sophomore year. She didn't make much of an impression during her freshman year, so she didn't have too many friends to return to. Just Lydia, she was the only one who was able to handle Wendy's attitude. Wendy sighed as she walked through the large doors, with hundreds of other students, into the school.

Wendy took her schedule out of her messenger bag and looked at the top of the paper, written there was the location of her locker. She maneuvered through the hallways until she finally reached her destination. She opened up her locker and started to fill up the inside with pictures and magnets that she had carried with her in her bag. She also had carried a magnetic mirror that she stuck on the door inside her locker.

She looked in the mirror and started to nit pick at herself. She brushed back strands of her auburn hair that refused to stay in her ponytail, revealing her blue eyes. Her skin looked paler to her than it did yesterday. After making sure she looked somewhat ok, she shut her locker door and pulled out her schedule again to find her first class. She navigated through the hallways to the room titled E-101, Geometry.

There were groups of students around the room chatting, it seemed that everyone had already put themselves into clichés. Wendy didn't see herself as fitting into any of them, so she just sat herself down at one of the desks. She noticed there was another person sitting alone a few seats in front of her. All she could see was his dark brown hair.

The teacher finally came into the room just as the bell rang. Everyone sat in a seat, and a few more students came in from the hallways. The teacher was a stick of a woman, very thin and tall. Her light gray hair, which matched her suit, was put into a tight bun, and her nose was so pointy that it could probably poke an eye out. "Good morning class. I am your teacher for Geometry-1," she turned to the board to write her name on it, "Mrs. Crabtree." She waited for the class to compute that bit of information. "Ok, you all have assigned seats so get up." Everyone in the class began to get up out of the seats they were sitting in as Mrs. Crabtree began to organize names to desks. "Cassie," Mrs. Crabtree pointed to the desk where the student was to sit. "Bryan." Wendy watched as the boy who was sitting in front of her before sit down. "Wendy." The teacher pointed to the seat next to Bryan.

Wendy sat where she was assigned and waited for everyone else to sit. The class went by very slowly for her. Mrs. Crabtree immediately started giving out assignments and giving notes. Unfortunately Wendy didn't understand anything. She was groaning by the time Mrs. Crabtree assigned homework.

"I don't understand any of this," Wendy said to herself.

"Do you need some help?" Came a voice from beside her.

Wendy looked over at Bryan, and then at his notes, they looked so perfect. "Did you understand any of that assignment?" She asked.

"Yeah, I understood it all," was his reply, "If you need any help with your homework, I can be of some assistance."

"Yeah, that'd be nice," she said. Bryan really didn't seem like the type to speak up and offer help to a stranger. His thin-framed glasses made him seem kind of shy. "Are you available after school?" She felt like she was hiring a tutor.

"Shhhh," their teacher warned.

Bryan spoke a little quieter, "Yeah, where should we meet?"

Wendy also spoke quieter, "How about the local library? I need to go there to return a book."

"That's fine. I need to look for a book anyways," Bryan adjusted his glasses as he spoke. "What time should we meet there? I'm available until six."

"Ok," Wendy thought about it for a second, "how's four?"

"Four's good," Bryan said.

"If you two don't be quiet, you'll both get detentions." The teacher seemed to be getting agitated.

Wendy and Bryan finished their discussion just as the bell rang, signaling that class was over. They parted ways and Wendy headed to her locker to put her new book in it. 'Maybe this year won't be as bad as last year,' Wendy thought to herself, after all, she had made a new acquaintance, maybe even a new friend.


The rest of the day went normally. Wendy was ignored by all other classmates, and she didn't even really bother to meet anyone knew. She was relieved to see Lydia in her art class, but that was the only class they had together. When school ended, Wendy immediately headed towards the library. It was only a few blocks away from the school, and it was huge.

The whole building seemed to have at least three levels, judging from the outside, and it was entirely made out of stone. About twenty large stone steps led up to the door, and at the bottom of the steps, on each side, there was a large stone gargoyle. Wendy loved coming to this place, every time she came she found a new fantasy novel to read.

She walked up the great steps to the doors and went in. The inside of the library was just as grand as the outside. Almost every wall had a shelf that reached to the ceiling, and every book you could imagine was on them. There were stairways to the left and the right, one leading down and one leading up to other parts of the library. Wendy decided to put her stuff at a table and then wander around a bit. She had a good hour before she was to meet Bryan. She set her stuff at a table, and wandered over to the librarian. He was an older gentleman, around sixty, with gray hair and a short beard. He wore tiny glasses that seemed to barely fit on his nose, and he was reading a novel. Wendy knew this man, she had come here so often that he learned and remembered her name.

"Hello Mr. Reinold," Wendy said.

The man looked up from his book and smiled, "Hello Wendy. What can I do for you?"

"Can you recommend any good books?"

"Well, a good read, hm." He looked up at the ceiling when he thought as though and idea would fall from the sky.

Wendy looked over the desk and behind Mr. Reinold, and rested her gaze on a large door that she never noticed before. "What's behind that door? Anything good?"

The old man shook his head bringing himself back to reality and looked at where Wendy was looking. "Oh no, that's the restricted section. Very old books back there, very frail, only librarians are aloud back there. Now if you want a good read I suggest Mi…"

Wendy didn't pay attention to what he had to say, all she could concentrate on was the door. She wanted to know what kind of books were behind it. Being told not to go back there, only made her want to go in more. She noticed Mr. Reinold starring at her, and realized that he had finished talking and was waiting for a response.

"Um, yeah, thanks," Wendy walked off and decided to search for a book.


Bryan walked up the big stone steps to the library where he was to meet Wendy. She was waiting for him at the doors. He waved to her and she smiled back. Wendy showed Bryan to the table where all of her stuff was. He put his stuff down and began to get all of his supplies for geometry out, and Wendy did the same.

"Ok, so I guess we should start on question one," Bryan said, but noticed that Wendy wasn't paying any attention. "Are you listening?"

"Huh?" Wendy shook herself into attention, "No, no, I'm sorry. Hold on a sec!" Wendy got up and walked over to the empty librarian's desk.

"Hey, where are you going?" Bryan got up and followed her. "There isn't a librarian there."

"I know that," Wendy said, "that's why I'm over here."

She got on the desk, then dropped down on the other side.

"What are you doing?" Bryan asked worriedly, "You're not supposed to be back there."

Wendy wasn't listening to him, she just went straight for the door. Bryan finally gave up calling her back and followed after her. Wendy opened up the door, making sure Mr. Reinold wasn't anywhere near, and stepped inside with Bryan following closely behind her.

"Why are we in here?" Bryan asked quietly, at almost a whisper like there was someone else in the room who was listening in.

"I'm in here because I'm curious, and you're just following me."

Wendy looked around at all of the old books. Bryan stood by the door not moving. "What if the librarian comes in, or sees us coming out?"

"Well, I guess I'll just have to deal with that when it happens," Wendy said taking a book off of a shelf and flipping through the pages.

"But, but what if-"

"You know you don't have to be here, you can wait outside if you want," Wendy said getting a little annoyed.

"No way I'm going out alone. If the librarian's out there, I'm the one who'll get in trouble."

"Then quit whining," Wendy put the book back on the shelf.

Suddenly a book from the very top of one of the shelves fell onto the floor, causing Bryan and Wendy to jump. Bryan walked over to the book and picked it up, but Wendy quickly snatched it away. Bryan opened his mouth to say something, but shut it deciding to just stay quiet. Wendy opened up the book to the back of the front cover. There was something written on it.

"What's it say?" Bryan asked trying his best to see over Wendy's shoulder.

"It says 'Speak this verse and the binds will be broken.' Wonder what that's supposed to mean."

"Well, what's the verse?" Bryan was getting as curious as Wendy.

"I don't know, it's in some strange language, but I think it says 'Falones riche heridonte iferene' I have no clue what that means, bu-"

Wendy was cut off by a strange gust of wind that blew the pages of the book. Suddenly a wind blew out from the book that was so strong, it blew Wendy and Bryan back onto the floor. Wind seemed to be whipping everything around, random books from every shelf began to fall onto the floor. Suddenly the door opened, and almost swung off the hinges. Mr. Reinold was standing in the doorway, "What have you done?!" He exclaimed. Suddenly, all at once, the wind stopped and everything became quiet.

"What have you done?" Mr. Reinold exclaimed again. He stepped into the room wide eyed.

"Mr. Reinold!" Wendy jumped up from the floor. "This wasn't my fault! I just opened up the book and-"

"Did you read aloud the unbinding spell?" Mr. Reinold asked seeming to get more hysterical by the second.

"What's that? I read that strange language in the book, but I didn't cause this mini hurricane." Wendy explained.

"Oh no! You spoke the spell!" Mr. Reinold walked out of the room and plopped himself down in his chair at his desk.

Wendy and Bryan followed him out. "What spell? What's happening?" Wendy asked.

"I hid that book in there because it is special. A lonely person with an eye for fantasy wrote this book a long time ago. Somehow all the creatures from the book found their way out and began to roam around the town. This cause an uproar, for nobody was used to seeing a fire-breathing dragon at the market. So, the author created a binding spell to keep them in the book, but he didn't want to put the magic away forever. So, he selfishly made an unbinding spell in case he wanted to release the magic again and he engraved it on the back of the front cover. Now, you've spoken it and all of the magic has been released." Mr. Reinold practically held his breathe through the whole story.

Bryan found this hard to believe, but decided to play along, "Right, so how do we put the 'magic' back in the book?"

"That's easy, you just need to find them then bring them back to the book. They'll know their way in." Mr. Reinold took a deep breath and tried to regain his composure.

Wendy now spoke up, "So, where would we find these creatures?"

"The magic follows the person who spoke the spell. I expect that you'll find them."

Wendy and Bryan looked at Mr. Reinold like he was crazy, neither of them believed a word he was saying, but they were still curious as to what he had to say.

"Ok, thanks. I guess we'll go dragon hunting now," Wendy said grabbing Bryan's arm and heading towards the table with their stuff.

"Wait! One more thing! This is important!" Mr. Reinold waved them over to him. When he saw Wendy and Bryan turn around he spoke again, but quieter. "No one else must see the magic. We can't have another uproar like before. Just find the creatures, hide them from everyone else, and then bring them here, I'll keep the book safe."

Bryan and Wendy nodded, then turned around and went to the desk. When they sat down, away from Mr. Reinold they spoke.

"I think somebody went off the deep end," Wendy said to Bryan.

"Yeah, does he think we'll honestly believe that nonsense?"

"I don't know, now then how do you do question number one?"

-End Chapter 1-

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