Clouded Daylight


Perry smirked, taking the small box from Will. Will raised an eyebrow, and Perry's smirk grew just a bit. "Time for a break?"

"How much more is there?" Will asked, incredulously.

"Not much." Perry admitted. "Not so much that we have to supervise anymore." He added with a smirk.

"Really." Will grinned, wrapping his arms around Perry's waist. "So how long do you think we'll have before they notice we're missing?"

"A few minutes at least." Perry rested his arms on Will's shoulders. "Wanna take advantage?"

"Of course." Will grinned, sauntering the half-step closer. Perry snickered and let his hands drop to Will's hips. Will kissed him enthusiastically, and Perry marveled for half a second that, hey, they were making out in their apartment before deciding that Will's tongue was more important.


The loud exclamation from the doorway made Perry jerk back, startled. With an unrepentant grin, he turned towards Wynn.

"Is that the last trip then?" Perry inquired innocently, and Wynn rolled his eyes.

"Shut up. I'm not doing any more."

"That's alright." Will smiled. "You've done enough Wynn." Will smirked at Perry. "Don't you think his hard word deserves a reward?"

Perry grinned. "Oh, yes."

Wynn scowled. "I'm leaving now. Evan!"

"What?" Evan asked mildly, appearing behind Wynn after a moment.

"They violated the agreement, we're leaving." Wynn told him, and Perry smirked, letting Will out of his arms.

"Light making out." Will protested. "Hardly on the same level as sex on the kitchen floor."

"Though that is tempting." Perry chimed in thoughtfully.

"Shut up." Wynn glowered, paying no mind when Evan wrapped him in a hug from behind, clasping his hands in front of Wynn's stomach.

"That was the last trip up though." Evan grinned. "Need help unpacking?"

Wynn made a disgruntled noise.

Will grinned, pretending to think about it. "Nah, we're good. River and Casey are coming over tomorrow to help decorate, since they had to work."

"Okay, then we'll be going." Evan smirked. "Have fun with the christening."

Perry grinned as Wynn paled. "Oh, we will."

"I did not need that image in my head." Wynn complained, stepping away from Evan and towards the door.

Will laughed. "Bye Wynn, Evan! See you later!"

"Bye!" Evan called out cheerfully, following Wynn. A moment later they were out the door, leaving Will and Perry in a sea of boxes and bags.

"Christening?" Will asked, grinning, and Perry smirked.

"Unpacking can wait." Perry told him solemnly, and stripped off his shirt.

Will laughed. "If you insist." Perry grinned, hooking his fingers in Will's belt-loops and tugging him close enough to kiss.


"Are you sure?" River asked, brush poised a few inches from the wall.

"Trust me." Casey smiled, flicking a stray bit of hair from his face and leaving a bright blue streak over his forehead. "It won't look good right away, but when we get the lattice-work up over it, it's going to look awesome."

"I suppose." River touched the paint to the wall. "Worse case scenario we have to repaint."

Casey laughed. "Good to know you have faith in me."

"I have faith in you." River protested. "Just… not the color."

Casey grinned. "It'll be fine."

"Okay." River sighed, not looking the least bit convinced. Casey snickered and opened the can of beige paint, turning to the lattice he'd set on the kitchen table, plastic underneath it to catch stray paint.

"I think we should get a new stove next." Casey pondered, eyeing the monstrosity by the sink.

"Okay." River answered vaguely in his, 'I'm occupied' tone. Casey grinned, wondering if he could sneak a new stove in without River noticing. And new countertops. The ones in place were a terrible green color.

Casey grinned suddenly, letting go of the stick he'd been stirring the beige paint with. He wandered back over to River, who had already gotten half the wall done with the help of a roller. Casey winced – it really was gaudy. But it would look better after it dried and was half-hidden behind the lattice.

"River." Casey dipped a thumb in the paint tray.

"Hmm?" River turned to him, and Casey grinned, streaking the paint across River's cheek in one downward swipe.

"That was cold." River looked at him sadly. "Why did you do that?"

"Because I thought you'd look cute with a smear of paint on your cheek." Casey tried, trying not to be affected. It didn't work though, and Casey sighed, rubbing the rest of the paint into the leg of his old sweatpants.

River smiled shyly then, and used the roller to paint his nose blue. Casey laughed, partly because River did look cute with the splash of blue on his cheek, and partly at River's audacity. Casey, careful of his paint-covered fingers, cupped River's face and gave him an Eskimo kiss, smearing the blue from his nose onto River's.

"No fair." River complained, wiping at his nose. He only succeeding in smearing it more though, and Casey grinned, leaning down to give River a proper kiss, sweet and gentle.

"I like decorating." He declared, and River laughed, pulling him close for another kiss.


Wynn hated car rides. Especially long ones. He'd grown up in the city, so he was used to public transportation or walking everywhere. The only times he'd gone anywhere in a car were with his father to some stupid public function or another.

Evan had borrowed Casey's car, and Wynn was half-afraid it was going to break down before they got anywhere. Or worse, when they got there, stranding them. Wynn frowned, staring out the side window and wondered what had inspired him to go along with Evan.

Wynn risked a glance over at Evan, but Evan was watching the road, only occasionally glancing down at the speedometer and instruments in front of him. Wynn sighed softly. He'd agreed because Evan had asked, and really, he was curious about the woman who'd managed to raise Evan.

"How much longer?" Wynn asked, ignoring the car passing them. Evan smiled distractedly.

"Maybe half an hour." Evan offered. "Depending on traffic."

Wynn nodded, the soft music playing on the radio filling the silence. Wynn frowned, wiggling his toes. Instinctively he knew that Evan's Nan couldn't be as bad as his father was. Wynn leaned back, ignoring the way the car seemed to jerk sharply with every bump. Not that he thought anyone could out-do his father, especially after that last meeting.


Wynn arrived two minutes early at the small restaurant his father like to frequent. It was a family-owned affair, and Richard liked to maintain the idea that he supported the local communities. Wynn was shown to the warmly-lit, private back room.

Richard was already there, talking loudly into his cell phone. He talked for a good few minutes as Wynn sat across the table, steadfastly ignoring the bodyguard in the corner. Wynn wondered how long he'd last at this meeting.

"Wynn." Richard was frowning as he snapped shut the silver flip-phone. "I was very disappointed in your behavior on Friday."

"Really." Wynn's voice was even and without a hint of the anger or nerves that were roiling in his stomach.

"DA Palto's son is close to his father. It's in our best interests to maintain a good relationship with them." Richard sighed, looking disappointed.

"It's in your best interests." Wynn corrected, toying with the edge of the cloth napkin in front of him.

"Excuse me?" Richard's eyebrow was raised, as though he wasn't sure what he was hearing.

"It's in your best interests." Wynn spoke up, meeting his father's eyes without flinching. "It's not in mine."

"My interests are yours, Wynn." Richard's voice was dangerously quiet.

"Two separate things." Wynn insisted, sitting up straight.

"Not when I'm footing your bills." Richard threatened. "You'd do well to remember that."

"Yes, throw me out on the streets. I'll tell my sob story to the closest newspaper." Wynn smirked.

Richard sneered. "You want that degree too much."

"I don't need you to get it." Wynn laughed bitterly. "Do you think I'm that stupid? I've secured financial aid for the next semester, I've got a job, and I'm moving into a cheaper apartment."

Richard gaped, and Wynn really wanted to take pleasure in putting that look of shock on his face, but he couldn't.

"Don't call me." Wynn stood up. "I'm not going to any of your functions unless I want to, I'm not dancing to your tune anymore."

"Wynn." Richard scowled. "Walk out that door and you can consider yourself disinherited."

Wynn laughed again. "Right, because that's what matters here." He walked out without a backwards glance.


"Stop worrying, you're making me nervous." Evan poked Wynn's thigh, drawing him from his thoughts.

"No." Wynn frowned at him. "I'll worry if I want to."

Evan grinned, flicking on the turn signal. "What are you doing?" Wynn frowned, straightening in his seat.

"Nothing." Evan smirked, pulling over to the side of the road and setting the car into park. Wynn watched him with a bit of alarm.

"The car's not broken is it?"

Evan laughed. "No, the car's fine." Evan smiled. "Why are you so worked up about this?"

"Oh, I wonder." Wynn snapped, narrowing his eyes. "I'm only going to meet the most important woman in my boyfriend's life!"

Evan smiled softly, and Wynn sighed, thumping his head against the back of his seat.

"Just drive, and let me have my mini-crisis, please." Wynn waved towards the road. The sooner they got there, the sooner they could leave. But Evan was getting out of the car, and Wynn frowned, watching Evan wander around to his side of the car, baggy black pants blowing in the slight breeze.

"What?" Wynn rolled down his window. "God, it's cold."

Evan grinned. "Get out."

"What?" Wynn rolled his eyes. "If I freeze I'm blaming you." Wynn swung the door open, rolling up the window quickly – at least the car would warm up while they did whatever idiotic thing Evan had in mind.

"Now what?" Wynn asked resignedly. The quiet was unnerving, and he shivered, shifting uncomfortably.

"Now we do this." Evan grinned, cupping his face and kissing him. Wynn rolled his eyes and kissed back, shivering slightly. "Relax." Evan murmured, and Wynn slipped his hands from his pockets to wrap around Evan's neck. Evan kissed him again, lip ring pressing coolly against warm skin. Wynn shivered again, though less from the cold this time and Evan backed off.

"No matter what happens, this won't change anything, okay?" Evan murmured, watching him with an affectionate expression.

"Okay." Wynn frowned. "We couldn't have done this in the car?"

Evan laughed, kissing him again with an intensity that stole Wynn's breath. "Because the scenery is prettier out here." Wynn rolled his eyes and let Evan open the car door for him.

"Nan isn't your average grandmother." Evan told him, pulling back onto the road with a smiled shot in Wynn's direction. "She's a bit eccentric."

"Eccentric how?" Wynn asked warily. "Is she a hippie or something?"

"Or something." Evan grinned. "She doesn't do tie-dye, and she's the only person I know who can make better French toast than I can."

Wynn smirked. "Can she make anything else?"

"Nope." Evan grinned cheerfully. "It's because all of her culinary talent goes into making French toast, so there's none left over for anything else."

"Of course." Wynn said dryly.

"She raised me from when I was a wee babe." Evan grinned. "Squalling and smelly."

"I hate babies." Wynn smirked. "No children, okay, honey?"

Evan laughed. "Aww, but I so wanted the requisite two point five."

"No picket fence either." Wynn told him seriously.

"We could put one on the door." Evan grinned. "Hey, have you found an apartment yet?"

"No." Wynn frowned. "There's a shortage in my price range, unless I want to commute as far as River does. That is, no, I don't."

"I've got a vacancy in mine." Evan offered, glancing over briefly before returning his eyes to the road.

"Are you asking me to move in?" Wynn asked, amused.

"Well, yes." Evan admitted. "Unless you think it's too early. But you could have Perry's old room –"

Wynn choked.

"- if you want space." Evan finished, looking amused.

"We'll work it out." Wynn decided. "If I do take Perry's room, I'm getting a new mattress."

Evan laughed. "I would too."

"Shouldn't you have waited until after your Nan approves of me?" Wynn asked, shifting to a more comfortable position.

"Nope." Evan grinned. "I wouldn't be dragging you out here if it wasn't my first day off in a week. Nan gets cranky if I don't visit her once a month, at least. And I wanted to spend time with you." Evan smiled softly, and Wynn shook his head.

"You're an idiot." He declared fondly.

"I'm your idiot." Evan winked.

"How romantic." Wynn replied dryly, frowning at the 'Welcome to Ashland' sign.

"It is, isn't it?" Evan mused, turning down a side street. "Doesn't it just make you feel all mushy inside?"

"No." Wynn answered flatly.

"I shall have to resort to serenading. And flowers and chocolate." Evan decided, grinning as Wynn made a face.

"Just take me dancing." Wynn decided, then flushed. "But don't let me drink so much when other people are around. River laughed at me for a week."

Evan snickered. "Will do."

"Thanks." Wynn smiled, but it slipped away as Evan pulled into a short driveway. He honked once and shut off the car, getting out slowly.

Wynn sighed, hoping it didn't go too badly – despite Evan's reassurances, if Wynn really pissed his grandmother off, Evan wasn't likely to just brush it off. The screen door on the little white house opened, and a short, elderly lady stepped out. She didn't look formidable, with brown-streaked grey hair, pulled back sharply, and a soft-looking sweater and jeans.

Scowling, she glowered at Evan with the same bright blue eyes her grandson had. "Took you long enough. It's been ages."

Evan smiled. "Lovely to see you again too, Nan."

"I didn't teach you to be rude, boy." She snapped at him, and Evan smiled wider.

"Nan, I'd like you to meet my boyfriend. This is Wynn." Evan took his hand, twining his fingers with Wynn's.

She snorted inelegantly. "He puts up with you?"

Wynn smirked. Evan grinned. "I don't know why." Evan shrugged. "But I'm not complaining."

"Right, well, whatever." Abruptly her face softened. "It's nice to meet you, Wynn. You can call me Sarah. I'm this lout's grandmother."

"A pleasure." Wynn smiled.

"Well, don't you two just stand there, get inside. It's freezing out." She ordered, stepping back inside.

"See? She'll be nice." Evan murmured, kissing Wynn's cheek. "Come on, she'll have made some cocoa."

"Alright." Wynn let Evan pull him towards the house. "Hey, do you think she'll show me your embarrassing childhood pictures?" Wynn demanded, and Evan groaned.

"You're mean." He complained, pulling Wynn into the house. Wynn laughed, and thought that maybe this time things would turn out okay after all.



So yeah, the end.

Random facts:

When Evan and Wynn were playing Sorry, however many odd chapters back, Evan played green and Wynn played blue. Evan's eyes are blue, and Wynn's are green.

Casey made the gangsters cookies after Aaron's visit to the apartment he shared with River, and asked them to keep an eye out for him. If he showed up, they were to 'persuade' him to leave. They agreed, provided Casey made them cookies once a month or so.

Stef, my main female character, disappeared after the first few chapters.

Evan's mother never knew his father. Evan has seven siblings, none of which he's ever seen. His mother was a crack addict, who whored herself out after Evan was born to feed her habit. Five of the seven siblings died within a month of being born, and Evan's mother died after overdosing, ten years after Evan was born.

There will be no sequel with these characters. Ask and ye shall be ignored.

All... no, most reviews were appreciated and enjoyed. I hope the story didn't suck too much for y'all.

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