He played with Sister
As Momma turned her ears
A crash, a laugh
It was the worst of her fears

"Quickly," she said,
"Run over there,
"Go hide in the ground!"
As they pulled on her hair

She screamed out
The monster lifted her high
Brother and Sister didn't see
How they made her die

After the monster left
Papa came home
He found her body
His mouth began to foam

He saw the children
Asleep in the ground
They woke up
When they heard the sound

He stomped and cursed
"Why not my brood?"
He wanted her back
It was his mate he valued

Grabbing his son's hair,
He carried him to water
He pushed him under
His children he would slaughter

Sister ran over
She tried to help
She grabbed Brother's hand
Light fused her to the whelp

Papa stopped
Shocked by the light
Pulled out only one child
What was this strange sight?

The other child vanished
Or so it seemed
He had killed them
His turn, it was deemed

Taking a dagger
He thrust it to his heart
Choking on warmth
He lay to depart

Brown eyes opened
The child stood
He ran far
Gone was his boyhood


Posting only to post, spank you. And, yes, I know the rhythm is weird and retarded. Deal with it. I make no sense anyway.

Character of miiine, that none of you will understaaaand!