Hours away from starlight
Hidden alongside my dune
The sand shifts past the castle
Eons pass under the moon

The light that bleaches the rock
On open chorus of the shore
One moonlit night in silence
Leaves me hanging near my core

Peace and utter stillness
Rising with the crashing waves
The wind makes no howling
No passing by those caves

Night time gathers somber
And brings beauty to my eyes
Clouds pass overhead
As I stare blankly to the skies

But my gaze is soon diverted
To the man lying near
He smiles and gazes back
The night time loses fear

If only away to hold me
On one special night missing
Escaping from the life I know
Only caring and not reminiscing

Golden sunlight beats my heart by
Breaks anything that was there
No way would glass be broken
Shattered over lonely tear

In one single moment
A breeze passes closely by
A kiss that lasts an era
Can only ask me why

Does your heart care what happens?
On any one special second
Your brain hears no logic
And one call alone does beckon