Authors Note: I'm not sure if there is an apostrophe in Alton's. And I'm not sure if it's Horizon, Horizons, or Horizon's. It's been a while since I've lived in Naperville. Oh, and I can't exactly remember what the middle school's name was...

So, uh, yeah, please review. This is a prequel to a story I am co-writing with a boy named Rooney Ray. I am not co-writing this story with him, so as always excuse the crappy-ness.


Eighth Grade: the threshold into (immature) manhood for most boys. Or so the teachers always told the rowdy students as a (very weak) ploy to get them to behave. Three students behaved in class, which would eventually lead to the ruin of the other students' careers in Algebra. The three students who bothered to listen to the teacher were Christopher and Kodi Schnuck and Justin Marie Di-Cock—who, by the way, goes by Marie.

Kodi had a submissive way of writing down the notes, as if he were afraid the teacher was going to bite him. Marie just paid attention because he couldn't afford to be suspended again. While Christopher was another case, he took the notes and listened, but outside of class he was even more immature than the 6th graders that went to Lincoln Junior High, which was saying something.

Kodi and Christopher were twins, which was a pity because they never got along. Then again, when did siblings ever get along? Marie was Kodi's best friend.

And that is where our story starts, yay!

Getting ready for school was no problem. Chris was an insanely early bird that would take a shower at 4:30 AM, shove on some clothes and go downstairs to be on the computer and eat breakfast. Kodi of course woke up at more reasonable times (6:00-6:30 AM). So they didn't see each other's faces until they ran off to catch the bus. They of course lived super close to the school, but there happened to be a six lane street (named 75th Street, which made no sense whatsoever in at least that part of Naperville) that separated them from the Junior High.

Once on the bus Kodi would sit up front next to a sleeping Marie, while Chris would slink off to the back where the 'cool kids' sat. Kodi would wake Marie—who would be extremely resentful for being woken up—and they'd sit there for five seconds glaring at each other until they heard Chris making snide comments about them at which point they would glare daggers at the road, with identical pouts on their faces.

And once the bus stopped every child would stumble off the bus, even more grumpy than when they had had gotten on said bus, and they would rush to class so that they would not be late.

This ritual happened every single day, except Saturdays and Sundays, but that was a given.

The day we shall look out first happens to be a Saturday, so we shall ignore what was just written. Chris still gets up at 4:30 AM on Saturdays, but Kodi sleeps in until 10 AM.

At 10:05 Kodi slunk down the stairs, in a daze seeing as his ritual of getting up and taking a shower was broken. Chris sat in the family room, eating the last of the cereal.

Kodi yawned, while attempting to say, "Did you use the rest of the soap?" He sat down next to Chris on the couch, lazily watching the TV.

"You stink. And yes," was the blunt reply from the charmer known as Christopher, "Get some clothes on."

Kodi groaned, burying his head in his hands. Chris raised an eyebrow at Kodi, before dismissing the poor miserable boy to indulge in Lucky Charms (they're magically delicious!).

The quieter of the two stalked off to raid their parents' bathroom for soap. Chris listened for the shower to turn on, relaxing when he heard it. Only to nearly drop his bowl in surprise as the door bell rang. He set down the bowl, glaring at it seeing as it was now evil for nearly dropping. After setting down the Bowl of all Evil Christopher wandered bored-ly to the door, unlocking it and turning around to walk away.

Marie bounded in quite cheerfully until he saw that it was Chris who had opened the door. "Where's Kodi?" He asked, trying to be polite, it wasn't just Kodi's house after all.

Chris didn't bother turning around as he replied gruffly, "Shower." Just because he was a morning person didn't mean he was actually nicer in the morning. Marie wrinkled his nose at Chris' back flicking him off. "I saw that," Chris called out, grinning. Marie rolled his eyes.

"Why do you have to have a mirror in your kitchen that shows you what's in the hallway? I mean come on!" Marie whined before running up the stairs to go wait for Kodi. Who of course, stepped out of the shower at that exact moment, luckily he had a towel around his waist.

Marie popped his head into the room, whistling at Kodi (who glared back, turning an endearing shade of red). "Kodi! I have great news!" He said, jumping into the room and landing on one of the beds—Chris'.

Kodi pulled on his boxers before dropping the towel; he turned to Marie one eyebrow raised, "Really?" Marie nodded enthusiastically, watching Kodi dress himself. Kodi sat down on the bed across from the one Marie was lying on once he was finished. "Well?" He asked.

"Okay, there's this really cute sophomore that asked me out!" Marie said, grinning.

Kodi smiled, asking quietly, "Guy or girl?"


"When's the date?" Kodi shifted his position feeling a tad lost.

"Next Friday!"

That gave Kodi a week to profess his love for Marie. That wasn't enough time. So, uh, where you guys going?"

Marie's face fell. "Kodi!" He said, pouting. Marie then moved too quickly for Kodi to realize what was going on. "Don't be jealous," Marie whispered once he was on top of Kodi successfully. Marie was straddling him, arms placed gently on Kodi's arms holding him in place, a sad look on his face. "We went out, it didn't work, we're best friends now," Marie stated simply, letting his hand gently stroke Kodi's hair before he leaned in and gave Kodi a soft kiss.

When Kodi could talk once more he opted to stare blankly at Marie, a pout on his face, letting his body speak for him. His hands were on Marie's hips. Marie sighed, letting himself collapse on top of Kodi, and he rested his head on Kodi's shoulder, fingers playing with the hem of Kodi's shirt.

"Maybe we're more mature now; teachers are always telling us that we're turning into adults. It could work," Kodi said, pleading, but he knew it was hopeless. Marie was just a friend.

And of course to ruin any hopes of capturing Marie's attention for over twenty minutes Chris walked in.

"Oh god not again," He muttered at the sight of the two.

When he sat down on the bed to put his shoes on Kodi asked, "Where are you going?"


"Can we come?" Kodi asked hopefully.

Chris had one shoe on as he replied he grabbed the other, "Of course not. I can't be seen with you two."

When he straightened back up he barely registered Marie jumping on him and pinning him the same way he had pinned Kodi earlier, but this time his grip on Chris' arms was intense.

Chris, naturally, struggled before he resorted to glaring at his captor. "What now Justin? Going to rape me?" He sneered, once again trying to escape the clutches of Marie.

It took extreme will power to not smack Chris in the face. "You idiot," Marie muttered, before continuing in a clearer manner, "You will treat us with respect Chris. If I had a shit like you as a twin brother I would have killed you in our mother's womb, but seeing as you have Kodi, who is the only person innocent enough to not hate you, as your brother I'm going to warn you now. Next time you even look at us the wrong way again I'm going to beat your ass up so bad you won't be able to walk for weeks."

Chris visibly paled at this. Marie leered at him as he climbed off the shaken boy named Christopher. Kodi sat upright on his bed, biting his lip at the look on Chris, Marie didn't seem to care about how much emotional damage he just did to Chris, he grabbed Kodi's hand and led (well, more like dragged) Kodi out of the room. They left the house and headed toward the store formerly known as Alton's (though they kept the sign up seeing as they paid a lot of money for a new one and weren't going to pay even more to get one saying Horizons. Everyone still called this store Alton's.).