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A fire ignited as they kissed. Kodi broke free of whatever was restraining him (who would have guessed he was strong?) to hold Chris in place by the hair. Yes, there was tongue action, and lots of it.

Neither of them cared enough to register that their mother was screaming at the top of her lungs. They didn't care to register the doctors and nurses rushing in to find out what was wrong. They only cared about what was going on with each other.

Of course when Chris was pulled away from (a very flushed) Kodi, both noticed their mother hyperventilating, their father looking quite... strange, and the manly doctor that was pulling Chris out of the room.

The nurses then tended to Kodi, putting him once more into a drug induced sleep, after securely binding him to the bed once more. This time they used stronger restraints.

The doctor held Chris' arms, once they were outside the room, keeping him firmly in place. "Ready to listen?" the doctor asked when Chris' attempts weakened. He took the silence and no struggling as a 'yes', so he continued on, "Whatever goes on between you and your brother is not our problem, but if your mother gets a panic attack we have to calm her down, surely you understand."

The struggling started once more. It stopped abruptly when he heard a familiar voice call out, "Chris?" Chris didn't even bother to look at Marie. "Wh... What's going on?" Marie stepped closer, the doctor released Chris seeing as he was done fighting to get free.

"Stay out of the room for at least an hour," The doctor instructed before leaving.

"How the hell am I supposed to stay out of there for a whole hour?" Chris asked, visibly aggravated. He slid down the wall, sitting on the ground with his knees pulled up to his chest. He then rested his head on his knees.

Marie sat down beside him. "My mom's a nurse," He said quietly, "I hang around here all the time. There are video games in the waiting room..."

Chris looked up at Marie, a strained smile on his face, he hadn't heard a word Marie had said. "He kissed back, Justin. I've been pushing him away for years because I've been afraid... and he kissed back," new tears poured down Chris' face as he announced this information. He clamped a hand over his mouth as he laughed.

"Who?" Marie asked, frowning. This wasn't the Chris he knew.

A fit of giggles exploded from Chris, but he managed to say, well, shout, "Kodi!" before resting his head on his knees to laugh.



"If you fuck him over I'll slit your throat."

"I know."

They sat in a comfortable silence until they were permitted to enter the room once more.


Chris was sent to a psychiatrist the next day, and everyone found out he was apparently bipolar, so Bob and Lynn went into denial about the whole thing. They blamed Chris' actions on his mental state being fucked up and Kodi's actions on the drugs the doctors had him on.

Kodi missed the rest of Eighth Grade, luckily there was only about a month left anyway. He managed to pass though. So did Marie and Chris, somehow.

He left the hospital a few days after school ended. He had gotten incredibly thin while being there, but that was due to hospital food being inedible. Chris, being the mother hen that he was (once he was on his meds), tried to force food upon Kodi the instant they got home.

Kodi just smiled and shook his head, murmuring, "I'm not hungry." He sat on the counter opposite of the pantry, legs dangling over the sides while Chris rummaged through the previously mentioned pantry.

"Nonsense!" Chris said, with a mock glare at Kodi, who stared blankly at the floor. "Why is there nothing good to eat?" He muttered to himself.

Kodi let out a sigh, calling out, "Chris, I'm tired." Forgetting all about food, Chris helped Kodi down from the counter. Kodi landed barely an inch away from Chris.

Neither of them (or Marie for that matter) had spoken about the night of the kiss. Naturally Kodi turned red and started looking anywhere but at Chris. And Chris... he couldn't help but stare at Kodi.

To ruin their moment together, their mom rushed into the room distractedly, saying to them in their general direction, "I'm off to the airport."

Chris took a step away from Kodi, answering, "See you in a few days, mom."

Lynn looked up, as if she just remembered something. She rushed over to them offering her cheek to each of them. "Kiss," She commanded. Both pairs of lips kissed her cheek briefly.

"Bye mom," Kodi whispered, playing with the hem of his shirt.

With that all said and done, their mother then rushed out. Their father had left a few days earlier on another one of his business trips. Their parents were rarely not on a business trip.

They stood there in silence, not looking at each other, for what seemed like an hour. It really was only about five minutes, but who's counting?

"Chris?" Chris turned to look at Kodi, but his lips med up with a pair lips identical to its' own. Kodi wrapped his arms around Chris, who in return pushed him against the counter. Kodi pulled away with a laugh, "I'm not screwing you in the kitchen! That's uncivil." He barely had the last part out before Chris' lips were locked with his once more.

They managed to make their way upstairs, but once they were in the room they shared Chris made sure every article of clothing was discarded.

"You stink," Kodi said with a laugh, before Chris could move on to... uh... other things.

This caught Chris' attention. He whispered into Kodi's ear. "Oh Really? We'll have to fix that then." This was received with a giggle and a light slap on the cheek. Chris pulled his lover, best friend and brother into the shower.

And they shagged.
And shagged.
And shagged.

Until they were quite sure Kodi's pacemaker was working properly. They somehow ended up in bed, too exhausted to do anything but hold each other. They both fell asleep with innocent smiles gracing their faces as they lay in each other's arms.

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