Scene 6: The Aftermath of Poker Night

Scene Cue: Wolf Paw wakes the next morning in the Crow's Nest

Wolf Paw: Mutters By gods they're still asleep. I wonder if the Master Plan went as I thought. Of course the Master Plan went as I thought, I thought it. Leaves Crow's Nest

First Mate: Walks out onto deck and sees Wolf Paw Why is she not still passed out? After the drinking game if not how much she consumed playing poker against Aysi? Yawns Gods know I could sleep a week after last night. And I hardly did anything.

Wolf Paw: First Mate! So good to see you so early in the morning. By the looks of you, you need some coffee. So go, go to the galley and have some made, and when the others wake up, give them some too.

First Mate: Leaves for the galley, muttering Damnable….Captains…Early Mornings…First Mate.

Wolf Paw: Leaves to check on Captain

Wolf Paw: Bloody ingret's still sleeping in my room damn.

Scene Cues: Late afternoon the crew of the Moonlight Shadow, and Jason's crew were waking up. As they woke they were sent to the galley for coffee. Back in Aysi's cabin Aysi wakes alone.

Aysi Wakes with a dull ache between her eyes. Woah…That was one weird dream. Don't remember much beyond thinking that Wolf Paw's servant was named John. Gets the accent right What all happened last night. There was the poker game, what happened in the Crow's Nest, and then, and then……Don't remember. Wolf Paw would know what I've forgotten. She always does… Leaves to find Wolf Paw

Scene Cues: (Wolf Paw was to be found up on the stern deck, actually looking as if she was doing her job as Captain)

Aysi: Storms to the stern deck, stands before Wolf Paw with her hands on her hips. What the he….y happened last night?

Wolf Paw: Watch those sails, they're getting lose!

Aysi: Wolf Paw, you're ignoring me. Why do I have a dull ache in my head, why don't I remember anything beyond the poker game, why did I win the poker game, why aren't you listening to me, and why did I dream of that boy?

Wolf Paw: Check the riggings around the top mast, you have a hangover, it's the liquor, beginner's luck, but I am, you didn't dream of that boy, he was there. That rat line is getting tangled!

Aysi: What? Hang…over, I can't have a hangover, I don't drink. Pauses Why do I feel like I've had this argument before? Can you slow down? I've having a really hard time concentrating right now.

Wolf Paw: You have a hangover,……….. it's the liquor,………….. beginner's luck,…………… but I am,………. you didn't dream of that boy,…………….. he was there. There that better?

Aysi: The liquor? What liquor? I don't drink, that's your province.

Wolf Paw: Your water was spiked I found some left in your glass. And I don't know how it was spiked, I myself am upset that some one would put all that rum in your water even if it was diluted by the water some.

Aysi: Some of it might have gone in your mouth….You knew…You knew Wolf Paw! When I said that the water burned going down, you knew, and you lied! You said that I drank too fast but you knew that there was rum in it!

Wolf Paw: I never lied. It could have been water, and I know that water can burn if drunk to fast, and I know what diluted rum taste like.

Aysi: You still knew. Beginner's luck…doesn't apply because I don't know the first thing about poker.

Wolf Paw: Need me to tell you the fable of wit and luck? You really are not better yet are you? You're jumping from point to point like a fidgety fish in a pond.

Aysi: Don't bother telling me that fable, you have five times already. I don't care, and it's none of your business if I'm feeling better, because it's your fault to begin with. You play a fine game with listening and not listening. What do you mean I wasn't dreaming…If you knew what had happened, you wouldn't be saying that.

Wolf Paw: I know that he was there Ayshi, I helped him take you to your cabin, and he said he would stay there to watch over you.

Aysi: …That's not what I meant. He's yours no? So why was I dreaming of him? In that matter too? I have no right to dream that, but I did. He's your guy isn't he? Why isn't you saying anything?

Wolf Paw: (is up in the rat lines checking knots) Ay, who tied these knots, they need to be done again, they're loose!

Aysi: Presses her hand to her forehead I told you, you play a fine game between listening and not listening. I know you have to run your ship. But I deserve some answers damnit! Slaps hands over her mouth Not again! Wolf Paw answer me!

Wolf Paw: Ayshi, he's not mine he's yours and I have to run a ship as well, but go to the galley and get some coffee, and the is no soap down there ether, sorry but your getting quite a dirty mouth on you, finally. See you in the galley soon.

Aysi: He's not mine, he's his own person. That's one of the eight vows of Iceland's royalty. Someone cannot own another person.

Wolf Paw: The header sail has a rip why did no one see to it, blast and bloody hell. Get to work now or I'll have you keelhauled. (Rants on and climbs higher as she goes totally ignoring Aysi)

Aysi: I'm not going to get coffee. Coffee and I are as bad a mix as Alcohol and me! You're not listening to me! I've broken four Looks horror-stricken no five oaths damn you! Five oaths, one night, your fault. Stalks off muttering darkly.

Scene Cue: The entire crew fell silent and stopped working as soon as Aysi swore. When she stormed past the crew shied back. John came up from the galley, his eyes wide with shock. He walked beside her, trying to calm her down for the sake of the crew. Wolf Paw at the top of the mast, looked down and saw the whole scene unfold before her, silently chuckling to herself. Then she went back to work, chivying the crew to work.

Wolf Paw: Ah, if you cringe now, what will you do when Ayshi starts in on herself?

Scene Cue: Inside Aysi's cabin.

Aysi: Five oaths burn her! She knows that those eight oaths are all I know, why would she go out of her way to make me break them?

John: What are the eight oaths…that's something I don't understand.

Aysi: Pauses before answering; muttering first. What are you still doing here? Raises voice slightly All Iceland's royalty takes eight oaths upon being raised the throne. It's called being wedded to the throne. It is these oaths that make us who we truly are. The first is an oath against gambling, the second is owning a slave.

John: Understanding flashed in his eyes.

Aysi: Third swearing. Fourth drinking liquor.

John: Murmurs under his breath Wolf Paw didn't tell me that.

Aysi: Fifth…ah intercourse outside wedlock. Blushes fiercely across her cheeks

John: Blushes to mirror her I never knew…

Aysi: I don't blame you, how could you have known? Wolf Paw tells people only what she thinks is necessary. Sometimes what is necessary isn't what she thinks is. Any way I broke these five oaths last night. I have three left. If Wolf Paw makes me break my oaths of Loyalty, Companionship, and Integrity, then what in the name of the Spirit of the Hot Springs would I be?

John: A normal person? Or, you?

Aysi: That makes no sense. You don't understand me. My oaths make me who I am, if I break those oaths I'm nothing! The saddest thing is she manipulated me into breaking those oaths, but I am the one who broke them. As much as I raged at Wolf Paw, the one who is truly to blame is me. Why didn't I see this before?

John: It's not just you who should be blamed. I think that I need to take some of the blame you are trying to give yourself.

Aysi: You? Don't be ridiculous! It's only Wolf Paw and I to blame, you couldn't have done anything.

John: But I did. Wolf Paw told me last night that you needed to learn how to have fun, and that she was going to teach you how.

Aysi: Wolf Paw did say something like that last night.

John: That's not the end of it. She also told me that you were a very tense person and that about half a flask of rum would loosen you up. She never told me you had sworn an oath against drinking alcohol. And never mentioned that you had never drunk alcohol before in your life.

Aysi: Stares You used the whole flask didn't you? And to think, I blamed Wolf Paw for spiking that water. In a way she was. How dare you! Shakes in anger You don't do that to anyone. It's wrong and you had… Breaks off as John kisses her

John: Pulls away finally You always rant so long. It can't be good for your health.

Aysi: I told you to ask before you do that. Pauses I want to know something. Waits for his acknowledgement before continuing Why me? I am the background to Wolf Paw's foreground. I'm there but no one sees me. No one ever really sees me.

John: I saw you. I've always seen you. You think that you are invisible in the background, but everyone sees you as much they see Wolf Paw. They certainly saw you this afternoon.

Aysi: If I have to swear for them to actually see me, I'd rather be invisible. Then again, Wolf Paw's already caused me to shatter that oath beyond repair. It is rather…uplifting to curse, it releases bottled up anger.

John:I don't know if Wolf Paw's done a great disservice to you or a great service.

Aysi: She did say she was going to teach me how to have fun. Besides it's hard to be angry at people for a long time. Did, you ever speak to Wolf Paw as an equal?

John: Yes, quite often actually.

Aysi: You're not going to bait me as Wolf Paw did yesterday are you?

John: No, I would never do that to you.

Aysi: Stares at him suspiciously Would you tell me what you've said to her. I swear I'm burning up inside wanting to know what is going on that I can't see.

John: I told her almost everything I thought of you. How when I first saw you I thought you an untouchable goddess. And then how there were times on the ship I couldn't breathe when you were near. Wolf Paw told me that she would help me with getting to know you. She told me she would help me.

Aysi: Oh, Spirits… Moans softly, rocking back and forth Why couldn't I see? Why have I missed what was always been right in front of my eyes? Why am I so blind?

John: Touches her shoulder You answered your question a moment ago. You are blind to how people see you, because you do not believe they see you at all.

Aysi: I'm the daughter of a brilliant tactician damn it! I should be able to see these things! I shouldn't be blin….

John: Shut up a moment. I have a very important question I want to ask you.

Aysi: What kind of question?

John: Fumbles with his drawstring pouch nervously Ah, you can convince yourself that you need to do something, yet find actually doing it so hard. Brings something out of his pouch Ummm…(Gets down on one knee) will you Aysi, m-m-m-marry me?

Aysi: Blinks and backs for the door. Ahh…I….I…I have to…go! Runs from the room

John: Confusion crosses his face Beautiful, but odd. Whispers

Stage Cue: (Just then in rushes Wolf Paw )

Wolf Paw: Did you do it? I saw Ayshi rush out what did she say?

John: She's beautiful and odd.

Wolf Paw: I know that. What did she say bloody idget what did she say?

John: She said that she had to go, and ran from her own cabin.

Wolf Paw: Bloody hell, why'd you scare her? Now it's going to take me more time to get her to say yes. Bloody hell. (Wolf Paw rushes out to find Aysi)

John: Beautiful but odd. My lovely Aysi. Listen to the captain.

Scene Cue: As Aysi comes into the galley, Mama Cook can be heard talking to her butcher's knife.

Mama Cook: My li'l birds are flying off from the nest…Sniffles But they'll come back. They'll come back one day. Mutters inaudibly Weddings….cry…..Sniff Sniff

Aysi: Weddings? What was that Mama Cook?