It is just another day of school. We are all in the classrooms learning what we have to learn. The school for some reason has no windows so it was strangely dark for a school. The lecture today is something about chemistry. I didn't care. All I thought about my life and what I could have done differently instead of being in 10th grade for the second time. A loud crash made me bring myself back into the classroom. Suddenly the lights started going out one by one. It started getting darker and darker. I didn't know anyone in the class but suddenly I started to worry about everyone in the whole school. I'm not one of those who usually gets involved with all the groups, I just do my own thing. Being about five feet four inches and one hundred pounds I'm one of those people most see as another face in the crowd. I have glasses; not very fair skin, but very light, almost albino white. I have brown eyes and blonde hair.

The last light was going off when I saw a human like figure climbing sideways on the wall. Now I may not be very bright but I knew this was not normal even when you're on drugs, and I would know. The school is a Juvenile Delinquents school. I was put in for drug possession and use and the murder of five different people. I may have been unarmed but I know how to kill a man without a weapon even if they had one. But I had a doubt these are human. I heard a horrific scream right behind me as I heard the familiar sound of a man's spine being snapped, and another to the right of me. They were killing my classmates. I could be next at any time. Then to the front of me, to the left. Getting further and further away. They were leaving me; I debated with myself if this was a good thing. I could not count how many things there were because I could not see the hand in front of me. In an instant I saw a face. Not a human face though. Or was it? Wait a minute. It was our teacher. But it was upside-down, and then I realized it was on the body of one of the things. The shock of this made me jump backwards. I reached out to see if it is real and in response it opened its mouth and had sharp teeth. The thing that sickened me the most was the tongue, it smelled of rotting flesh. On the tip of it was a hand. It hit me, the tongue wasn't a tongue but an arm. The arm reached out of the mouth…it reached for my finger which I had extended a second ago. It didn't reach to pull it in but seemed that it was giving me a greeting. Then it folded all the fingers but one and gestured for me to follow it. I somehow could see it walking…or climbing on the ceiling. It was leading me out. I saw it pointing at a gun from on of the dead guards and then to a flashlight. I turned on the flashlight to see that the guard now had a head resembling a zombie one from the movies I've seen in the past. Not wanting to know how it happened I kept my mouth shut. It started leading me again. I had a semi-automatic rifle and a flashlight, for what reason I do not know but I didn't want to anger it. I followed it to the door outside. Then it pointed at the handles and as I looked at the creature I realized it looked like a human except for arms it had legs. The only arm on it was in its mouth. It wanted me to open the door for it. I tried the knob and it was open, most likely because someone wanted to escape. I flung open the door and saw other creatures. Not like this one or the ones in the school but different. Then I saw my friend from the school, still human. I saw one of the other things run up to him and rip his head off. I turned away, puked, turned back and saw a zombie head on him. He started walking around, I knew this is why he wanted me to have the gun. Then I realized they were trading places. The humans became the things, and the things became the humans. It was bizarre. I shot my friend without thinking because I knew it wasn't him. All of the people were dead. I did see another guard pointing a gun at me but then he realized we were on the same side. We had to do something. He nodded and handed me some ammunition. I hear a shot from his gun and hear a bullet fly over my shoulder and hit something behind me. I shrug and he points. I turn around and he shot a thing right in the head. This wasn't going anywhere. We were trading places with the things. I see a thing jump on his back and try to shoot it but it was on his head before I could do anything. I hear the snap again and know he is dead, kind of. I shot his body before worse damage can be done. I look around and all the bodies of the used to be humans were everywhere and the bodies of the things were fine.

5 years later…

I didn't have to serve my time anymore. I was the only male pure human around this town. There happened to be a female that survived as well. All we could do was let nature take it course. To this day we never found out why it happened, it just did. I believe that it was a mutation of some sort, but she believes it was from God. We may never know. But we are alive and that's what's important because the girl was my girlfriend when I killed the people. She forgave me and married me after the incident. We have 2 kids and one on the way. All we need to do is make sure that we have at least one boy and one girl to keep humanity here alive, or the things will be the population. Being a small town without power, we had to make contact to the outside world. We called her friend who lived in the same state and they hadn't heard anything of the sort. The rest of the world was normal and it was just here that wasn't. The things didn't seem to be doing anything so we decided to leave and live a new live in a different city.