by: trista groulx

It was all just castles in the sand
Ice cream in the clouds
And the moon is made of cheese
An illusion which had to be shattered
And how it shattered
It's in a million pieces on the floor
It's something that can't be taken back
Something that can never be again
My logical brain knows all this
But yet I want to turn back
Run back to how it was
When there were castles in the sand
There was ice cram in the clouds
And the moon was made of cheese
But the illusion is shattered now
I see it shattered in front of me
And the pieces cannot be put together
They will never be the same again
For what is lost is now lost forever
And what is found is so unclear
But the path is laid out is quiet clear
The time for castles in the sand
And ice cream in the clouds
And the moon made of cheese
It's all behind us now
It's time to allow the new lives to dream
Just as we once did
Of new and wonderful things
And castles in the sky