I Never Knew

Chapter one: I'm Louisa Adams

"Louisa! Please hurry up or we'll be late for school!" A loud voice called from the porch.

"Yeah, yeah, coming!" I yelled back. "Well boy, I'll see you this afternoon," I smiled at the golden retriever laying on the couch beside me. I stroke King's soft fur before getting up. He whined slightly.

"It's okay, boy. I have to go. I'll give you a treat when I come home," I patted him on the head while slinging my bag over my shoulders.

"Louisa! Get your ass over here now or I'll drive off without you!" That annoying voice called again.

I gritted my teeth. This happens every morning. My cousin, Raymond, loves yelling at me, only when his parents were away, that is. You see, I've been living with my aunt Laura and Uncle Simon for the past ten years of my life. My parents have their own travel company in Thailand. They don't come back and see me very often. So you could say, we weren't that close. I only get to see them during Christmas. But I didn't mind at all. I knew that they were doing just fine and they knew I was perfectly happy being where I am.

"Loui-" Raymond started calling again. But I was already outside. He was waiting in his blue car.

"Yeah, I heard you. I'm not deaf, you pig," I sighed heavily as I got into the car. I don't understand why he was in such a hurry to get to school. We had another 30 minutes to kill.

"I promised to meet Jo 10 minutes ago. You are a slow slimy snail," he shot me a dirty look. "We are so late!"

"What's the big deal, you pig? When it comes to chores, you dawdle. When it comes to girls, you act like your mum. I don't get you, Ray," I said lazily putting my seat belt on. He drove on without saying anything.

"How come you like her? She's not even your type. She's a tomboy, for crying out loud!" I waved my hands in the air dramatically.

"I don't like her, Lou. I need to copy her History homework. We have to pass it up today. So I'll be dead meat if I don't get to her quick."

"Awww.... Ray didn't finish his homework.... I wonder what did he do yesterday? You had all night but instead you went out partying. You're a real dumbo," I threw him a small punch. He just smirked.

"Well, I did have a good time, you know," He continued with that stupid look on his face.

I rolled my eyes. I didn't want to find out more. He probably made out with 10 girls last night. I turned and looked outside the window. We were almost there. I could see the signboard Cambridge High above our heads.

I faced Raymond again. He was a lucky kid. He had good looks. He had spiky blonde hair, blue eyes which twinkled, and a body which made girls go weak in their knees. He was handsome. He wasn't the popular man in school, or so he says. Everybody knows his name because he is in the school's basketball team. He's quite tall, 6 feet tall to be exact. I call him a jock but he hates it. He doesn't like hanging out with other jocks and cheerleaders even though he belonged in that crowd of people. Raymond was way smarter than them. He was so damn good in his studies. I always compete with him. We were both seniors. But I'm the complete opposite of him.

Let me prove to you. I'm labelled as a nerd. Heh, I don't know why. That's what they call me at school. Maybe it's because I don't do any kind of sports. I don't wear glasses but I guess I was just plain. I have shoulder length brown hair which I always tie up in a ponytail, dull hazel eyes. I'm not very short, a nice 5'6. I have a tan because I go to the beach with Raymond quite often. He would swim while I played with King. I read a lot. I always have a book everywhere I go. So maybe that's why they called me nerd. Not that I mind but I don't like people labelling me. I mean, I'm different from everyone else. We are all unique, right? You have your abilities, I have mine. Well, sort of.

Raymond finally found a parking space. He turned the engine off and quickly got out of the car. I took my sweet time which annoyed Raymond a lot. He had to lock my door. This piece of junk was so old. It didn't have an automatic lock.

"I have to run. Have a blast, cuz!" Raymond grinned evilly. Yeah, I will.


I made my way into the hallway. This place was hell. Thousands of students filled every corner. It was like a traffic jam. I had to squeeze in here and there before getting to my locker. I had to bang it to get it open. I placed my stuff inside and got the books I need. I felt someone tugging at my shirt.

I turned and saw my friend, Kelly staring at me with her mouth wide open.

"What? Did Newton come back to life or something?" I said frowning. "You could have wished me a good morning instead of looking at me like that."

"Oh, Lou! What do I keep telling you? No more baggy clothes!" She cried loud enough for my grandpa's donkey to hear. People started to give us weird looks. Man, this was embarrassing.

I put my right hand on her arm. "Kel, it's okay. I don't need guys to notice me. Wearing skimpy clothes will not help me get a boyfriend, okay?" I told her calmly. She pouted. I laughed. She really looked like a lost puppy.

Kelly had a boyfriend. They have been dating for 3 years. I always complain whenever she breaks off our girlie night outs. Her reason: her boyfriend. So being the nice friend that she was, she gives me advice on how to dress so that I can catch a few eyes from the opposite sex. Meaning that if I had a boyfriend, I could hang out with them. Did I tell that I'm a stubborn girl? I have been wearing baggy clothes all my life. And I feel comfy. I hate wearing those tight clothes which made you suffocate.

"Louisa, when will you learn to be a woman? Do you want to stay a man all your life?" I rolled my eyes at that question.

"Does it matter if I'm a man? I can protect you from all the bad things in this world," I said simply. This time Kelly rolled her eyes. The bell rang signalling it was time for class. Kelly had English while I had Maths.

"I'll see you later!" She said before she went away with the crowd. I waved and made my way to class. Kelly was a good friend. She was a very pretty redhead. She had long curly hair and long eyelashes. She didn't have the Miss Universe looks but she certainly was pretty. Note that I didn't say Kelly was my best friend. I lost my best friend, Ally when I was 12. A bus hit her and she died right on the spot. I saw it happened right before me. It's funny after witnessing that, I didn't cry or threw up. I just stood rooted at the same spot and just felt empty. I missed Ally so much. I just couldn't have another best friend. I didn't want to her to be taken away again.

I finally reached Mr. Lee's class. I headed towards the back seat. My usual place. No one bugged me here. I dumped my books on the table and slumped into my chair. A group of jocks were guffawing so loudly that I glared at them. They sound like turkeys and I hate birds.

Mr. Lee entered and the whole class went quiet. No one makes noise when he's around. He can get really mad and send you to a whole month's worth of detention. Worse you have to come to school on a Saturday and do extra work.

"Good morning class," he beamed at us. "Today, I'll be giving you all a short quiz." Groans were heard.

"I haven't finished!" Mr Lee said sternly. "If you don't do well, you will need tutoring." Even more groans were heard. Mostly coming from the jocks. Carrie and her group of cheerleaders keep their mouths shut the whole time. I grinned. I heard that if they didn't do well in Mr Lee's class, they were going to get kicked off the team.

An hour later I was out of the class. The quiz was pretty easy. I had to rush to History now. I couldn't wait till lunch break.


I met up with Kelly and her boyfriend, Brian at the school cafeteria. They were holding hands as usual. They gave me a small wave as I approached them. I took a seat opposite them.

"Hey Lou, long time no see," Brian greeted me.

"That's because you two are so absorbed in one another. You go everywhere together, the mall, the library, the movies...... there's absolutely no time for me," I pointed out with a very sad face.

Brian chuckled. "Okay, we'll make sure you're included next time."

"Really?" I raised an eyebrow at him. "Wouldn't I get in your way?"

"Nope. Come along this Friday night. We are going to see Mr and Mrs Smith." Kelly said warmly. I nodded slowly unwrapping my sandwiches. Kelly and Brian were talking about Angela Stevens and Jonathan MaCintosh. They were the ultimate couple. Angela was head cheerleader while Jonathan was head of the soccer team. I didn't like them very much. Angela was a snob. Her head was smaller than her boobs. And Jonathan. God! I despised him. He has a really bad temper. He's known to hit guys who made goo goo eyes with his precious slut. He stared at everyone as if he might kill them or something. I always avoid him. Raymond is cool with him though. He came to our house once. Luckily I was sick at that time or I would have chuck him out of the house.

"Why can't we be like them, sweetie poo?" Kelly whined. Brian looked really uncomfortable.

"Be like what?" I asked curiously. I wasn't paying attention to what they were saying. My tuna sandwich was the most important thing in my life at the moment.

"Be like Angela and Jon. They always go to parties and stuff. They are the hottest couple, I tell you!" Kelly said excitedly.

Brian snorted. "I don't like parties, Kel. You know that."

I smiled. Brian was the sweetest guy I know. He was on the school swim team and he had a nice body. But he doesn't show it. He was the shy type. He doesn't like socialising very much. Like me. He was polite and spent most of his time in the library with Kelly. They were not making out like some couples. They actually studied there. I was glad that Kelly chose him.

"Angela is a bitch, Kel. I don't want a friend like that. And as for Jonathan, he can rot in hell," I said darkly. "He looks like a devil, you know. Why can't he just smile for once? I don't know why all the stupid girls thinks he looks hot? Know what I think? He's a bull dog. Wait! Bull dogs are nicer. He looks like a Komodo dragon out for a kill. He...."

"Ah, Louisa? I think you should stop." Kelly muttered. Brian was looking behind me.

"Why should I? I mean, isn't it true? He's an arrogant bastard that needs to be taught a lesson. He isn't the only human being on this planet. There are millions of us too. It won't hurt him to be nice once in a while. Look what he did to Rogers last week? The poor guy almost went blind because of this lunatic!" I fumed. I don't know why. Whenever I talked about MaCintosh, it's as if I just ran a mile.

"He's a big, fat, ego...." I started again.

"Louisa," Kelly said sharply. Then it hit me. I saw MaCintosh in her eyes.

Oh. My. God.

I am not a coward I tell you. I slowly turned round and looked up. There he was. The dragon himself. My, the look he gave me was a nightmare.

His green eyes were clearly written with anger. I practically squeaked in terror as he poked me hard in the chest. I didn't notice the whole cafeteria's eyes were on us.

"You're dead, Adams," he whispered so softly only I could hear. I was secretly hoping Brian and Kelly would jump on him and save my but. I will have to wash their socks later but that didn't matter. My life was on stake here.

But then, he walked away. I thought he was going to punch me or sent me flying to Mexico. But he didn't. Instead, Jonathan MaCintosh just walked away.

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