My first rhyming poem in a long time! I wrote this after being inspired by Lynne Truss' WONDERFUL book- "Eats, Shoots and Leaves". I realised that I am, indeed, a stickler for punctuation. If you are wondering about the "Seventh Sense" mentioned, I'll explain. I quote Lynne Truss: "We are like the boy in the Sixth Sense who can see dead people, except that we can see dead punctuation." Please review, I accept constructive criticism!

Disclaimer: I don't own "Eats, Shoots and Leaves", or anything else mentioned here that doesn't belong to me. Signing off, The COMMA Crusader!

Ode to Punctuation- by a concerned stickler

Punctuation-this rhyme is about

Sticklers, who cannot live without:

Commas and ellipsis (the dots that come in three)

and can't let anything badly punctuated be!

They argue over questions rhetorical;

They dislike anything metaphorical.

Some debate the use of exclamation marks....

Beware the Oxford Comma sharks!

They mourn a misplaced apostrophe,

They correct the novels they're reading-with glee!

They put hyphens in words where hyphens are due:

"Lamp-post" and "cheese-like" (to name a few)

They use semi-colons and brackets perfectly-

They go into a rage if no full stops they see!

I am a stickler with the "seventh sense";

If you murder punctuation, are you not dense?

I cry at today's society-

How they torture the apostrophe!

Not many know how to use square brackets at all,

For our sake, keep grammar standing tall!

You now have heard of our eternal fight,

To save punctuation; Thank you- and good night!